I love promoting businesses that fit with the style of The Girl in the Red Shoes! I've come up with a few different options that I believe are the best way of promoting your business. If you have a question please e-mail me to see if we are a good fit for each other! 
E-mail: thegirlintheredshoes@gmail.com

What my sponsors are saying about me:
"I'm so so happy you were the blogger I reached out to and sponsored this month. I've never had so many purchases from advertising before! I've had lots of "traffic" from some of the big bloggers before but this is the first time that people didn't just enter the giveaway and "like" my pages but so many people came straight from your blog and purchased garlands already! You did such a beautiful job with the post and styling your garlands and taking great pictures of them. And I'm sure it's also because you've shared about several of my pieces in various posts so your followers know you're genuine. I'm so thankful to you and the wonderful way you took care of me as your sponsor." -Andrea, Aidie's Hideaway

Do you have a small business or etsy shop? I would LOVE to work with you. If you would like me to do a review of your product please email me! 

Media kits and stats are available upon request.

If you wish to purchase a sidebar ad, please email me at thegirlintheredshoes@gmail.com for rates.
(All ads are subject to my approval)

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