Playroom Gallery Wall

February 16, 2018

Taking photos of my kids has become something I do on the regular. I love snapping candid little moments that my kids have with each other. My problem is, I have trouble getting those fun photos off of my computer or phone. I'm great at displaying our "professional photos"...but what about those fun snaps that I take every day? They seem to live online forever....and I never get around to actually printing them off and displaying them in our home. So I made finding a way to display our fun photos one of my goals for 2018.

We recently finsied a room in our basement for the kids to use as a play room. It's a fun and relaxed space, perfect for a fun kid-focused and kid-friendly gallery wall! I wanted something that Hudson and Sadie (and one day Belle too!) could interact with and touch without out being fearful of breaking anything.

That's why Snapfish's photo canvas prints were PERFECT for this project!

The photo quality of the canvases is great. They are thick, sturdy, and bright. I ordered three 8x10s and two 11x14s for this project. And I plan to order more! I also found a few spare pieces of wood we had left over from our basement remodel and had the kids paint them while the baby napped. They thought this was the best idea ever....and were so excited when I told them we could hang them on our gallery wall!

Snapfish has an amazing site that makes creating custom home decor pieces like these canvas prints super easy...and fun! The hardest part was choosing what photos to print! This super hero print is one of my absolute favorite photos of Hudson and Sadie. It perfectly captures their spunk! And it turned out so beautiful on canvas! I can't get over how great all of the little details are! The colors are bright and vibrant...perfect for our playroom!

I got to work on our gallery wall during nap time when I had just one helper, instead of three. Moms everywhere rejoice. I laid all of our pieces out on the ground and played around with the layout a little bit to get the right flow of shapes and colors until it was perfect.

I really appreciated the fact that each of my Snapfish photo canvases came with sawtooth hangers that were really  simple to attach with my hammer. This made hanging them super easy and fool proof. 

I love how it turned out! It's simple, sweet, and perfect for us. I picked up the "enjoy the little things" sign at a local shop because I thought it perfectly summed up what we are trying to do this year: enjoy the little moments with each other. 

I love the way our playroom gallery wall came to life with these beautiful Snapfish photo canvases. I had hoped for something that felt fun, fresh, and would hold up to the kids touching and admiring the photos. 

And, as you can tell, touching them is something they can't stop doing. Belle loves to point at the photos and have us name who is in them. I remember Sadie doing the same thing when she was a baby and it's probably one of our favorite little games.

 I think our next step is to add some chalkboard paint to the wall so the kids can keep our gallery alive with fun artwork! I plan to add to this gallery wall over time so that it can be even more fun! I can't wait to fill it up with memories! Want to add some fun to your home? I have an amazing Snapfish coupon to share with all of you! Use code "JULIEHOME50" for 50% off your entire purchase. Yay! Code is good through May 31, 2018.

I partnered with Snapfish for this post but all opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to “Playroom Gallery Wall”

  1. I love a galley wall and best way to display all those special photos that are otherwise hidden x

  2. Great idea...I’ll be ordering for sure...thank you


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