The Trouble with Tummies

January 16, 2018

A few weeks ago Belle was pretty sick. Nothing major, just a bad cold and upset tummy, but it lasted several days. Her upset stomach cased some pretty gross diapers, which resulted in the worst diaper rash I've ever seen. It was so bad that I didn't know what to do, and ended up calling the pediatrician on Christmas Eve. My poor girl. I learned a few new things for treating upset tummies and diaper rash that I thought I'd share with all of you!

Under the advice of our pediatrician, I found a great mix of treatments that finally worked to beat that diaper rash! First, we changed her diaper frequently and I tried to keep her as dry as possible.

Second, we let her "roam free" for a little while. Air is the best at fighting diaper rash, so I turned up the heat, put towels down, and let her crawl around without a diaper or pants. The big kids could NOT get over this and had SO MANY QUESTIONS. Thankfully Belle never had an accident and loved being free.

Next, I alternated between a 50-50 mix of lotrimin and A&D ointment, and a 50-50 mix of lotrimin and a max strength zinc oxide diaper cream. This is what finally knocked out the diaper rash.

Once it finally started to get better I followed up with a mix of coconut oil and frankincense oil. I also made sure Belle got plenty of liquids to drink.

During this whole ordeal I learned the importance of keeping a baby's gut healthy. Belle's stomach was so upset, which lead to some awful diapers, which resulted in the diaper rash. Such a vicious cycle!

Every mother wants to give her baby all that she needs to grow up healthy and strong. We all do. I recently was introduced to Evivo, the first and only probiotic that is clinically proven to restore a baby’s gut microbiome to its original, natural state.

The results of over a decade of research and clinical trials at The University of California created Evivo. They learned that the presence of B. infantis, the good bacteria, reduces the potentially harmful bacteria linked to eczema, allergies, diabetes and obesity. Unfortunately, due to modern medical practices and lifestyles, the vast majority of American babies no longer have it. And that’s why moms like me want to find a way to restore it in my baby’s gut right from the start, so my baby can be healthy from day 1.

The first and only baby probiotic of its kind, Evivo is clinically proven to restore a healthy gut in your baby. Evivo is a daily probiotic powder that you mix with breast milk and feed it to your baby. It helps release nutrients in breast milk to create a protective internal environment in your baby’s gut. It also helps develop baby’s metabolism and immune system and builds the foundation for good health that can last a lifetime.

No wonder Evivo is the best probiotic for babies! You can feed your baby Evivo every day for as long as he or she is consuming breast milk.

Want to try Evivo? Use code BLOG5031 for $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more!
Or, use code BLOG5032 for $20 off a 12, 20, or 24-week starter kit!

Codes expire 3/31/18 or after 50 redemptions.

Check out this cute video I made showing how we use Evivo!

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  1. I'm so glad you found something that worked! Sweet Belle. I love these pictures of her!


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