Babies Don't Keep

January 17, 2018

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

It's not fair, how fast this baby stage flies by. I blinked and my sweet babe turned 10 months old. Which is basically a year old. Someone hold me.

We are confident that Belle is our last baby...but she's just growing so fast that even my husband said "I guess we need to have another one!" last night. He was kidding. I think. Because we feel complete as a family of five. But dang, if anyone would convince us to have another baby, it's this girl. She's just so perfect. 

She has about a zillion nicknames. I call her Belle or Bellie. Or "the cutest muffin of all the muffins", or just "muffin" for short. Hudson, Sadie, and Jon all call her "deet deet" because that's what she babbles the most and the name sort of stuck. Sadie calls her "Ann-belle" or "baby Belle" or "sissy". And really we all just are wrapped around her little finger. Can you blame us? She's our favorite. Lucky girl.

Belle has been pulling up to a standing position for about a week now....and I have to muster all the restraint I have in me to not make her sit back down. Doesn't she know she's the baby, and that means she needs to stay a baby forever? No walking!!!! But I don't, mostly because she's just so dang proud of herself.

I continue to be her favorite person, and I'm not complaining about it. But she LOVES her brother and sister. Her little face lights up when she sees them and she loves to watch them play. It's adorable. Basically this girl will probably get away with anything as she gets older. Being the baby of the family has some perks! 

Belle is still a thumb sucker, and it's the sweetest thing ever. She only does it when she tired, and it's so dang cute. I think it's also the reason why she's such a great sleeper too! Most nights she sleeps 6:45pm - 7am. And it's amazing!

I love shopping for cute clothing for this sweet girl. I recently discovered the Little Planet organic line of clothing from one of my favorite brands, Carter's. Belle is wearing this adorable striped organic jumpsuit, and it's so sweet on her! Carter's believes you don’t have to sacrifice unique styles and patterns to dress your child in organic clothing. That’s why they’ve introduced their new 100% organic collection, Little Planet, which is filled with bright and colorful items at an exceptional value that will stand out from the rest. This is organic clothing for real life. Each item is 100% certified organic, made from 100% organic cotton, knitting and dyes. And it's all adorable. 

 It's so hard to find affordable and cute organic clothing! Little Planet is perfect for my kids, especially since I already love and trust the Carter's brand and style and they always have a great price point. The Little Planet line is available in basics, outfit sets, and jammies in sizes newborn to 5T, so there is something for everyone!

Little Planet will be available at Carter's in January 2018. Although it is available online only, you can order the product online and ship it to any Carter’s store for free! What items are your favorite? I think that Belle might need these adorable dinosaur pjs!

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