Christmas Gift Guide for Girls

November 22, 2017

A few days ago I shared my gift guide for boys (be sure to check it out!) and today I'm sharing a few ideas for the little lady in your life! All of these are either Sadie (2 years old) approved or are on her wish list for Christmas! Sadie is a very girly, fair warning!

1. Rapunzel doll. Sadie has this doll only the Princess Sophia version and she loves it! It's well made and cute. She's going to be so excited to see "punzel" on Christmas morning!

2. Picture Mosaic. Hudson has a few of these are they are SO fun! Plus, he can sit down and do them on his own. It's a peel and stick type of craft, so I'm not expecting Sadie to be able to do this on her own, but I think it will be a fun activity we can do together. If your daughter is 4 or older this is a MUST have!

3. Kwik Stix Tempera Painting Kit. This paint dries in 90 seconds and you don't need a brush! It looks at feels just like paint but is way more toddler friendly! Sadie loves to paint so I know she'll love this. Plus I'll love the easy clean up!

4. Cabbage Patch Kids Cuties doll. What's not to love about Cabbage Patch Kids? This one is smaller and is dressed up like a kitty. So I know Sadie will love it! They have a bunch of other options like a cow, a puppy, and a pig. So cute.

5. Pretend Makeup. Sadie loves watching me put on my makeup in the morning and is always asking for some lipgloss or a makeup brush. She is going to flip out over this cute little kit. 

6. Crayola Color Wonder Magic Light Brush and Drawing Pad. Both of my kids love the color wonder line (it's mess free, the markers won't color on skin, furniture, or fabric!) so I know they will love this. It's a pen that magically lights up and shows the paint color. Looks so fun! And for $15 it would make a great gift for a friend at school too. 

7. Click N Play Pretend Donuts. You can snap the frostings on and off of these cute pretend donuts. Sadie loves playing in her kitchen so these are too cute to pass up. 

8. Disney Princess Sparkle Collection. Sadie loves everything princess these days, and she especially loves little dolls like these. 

9. Design Your Own Magical Hairbrush Kit. I thought this was such a cute gift idea for any little girl that loves Rapunzel. You get to decorate and design your own hairbrush. So cute! 

10. Farmer's Market Color Sorting Set. I bought this when Hudson was two years old and it is still one of our most played with toys! The quality is excellent and it's perfect for a play kitchen. It's a huge amount of play food! Plus you can work on learning colors and the names of different foods by sorting each one in to it's correct basket. If you get anything from this list, get this! 

11. Little Adventures Dresses. Sadie has this exact Sophia dress plus Cinderella and Belle and they are so cute. The quality of these dresses is really great and they are not scratchy inside like most princess dress up dresses. Sadie wears one basically every single day and they have held up perfectly. 

12. Dessert Stand. This is one of Sadie's most favorite toys! It's a wooden dessert tray and it is absolutely darling! I love this toy too! It's played with every single day (tea parties are big in our house) so I highly recommend it! If you don't buy the farmer's market set, buy this!!! 

13. Kitty Bracelets! We have these and they are a favorite. Plus they are easy to get on and off. 

14. Three Little Piggies game. This is a logic game for preschoolers and it looks fun. It's a STEM game that even a two year old can enjoy!

15. Kitty Condo. Sadie LOVES kitties. She got this for Christmas last year and still plays with it nearly every day. It's just a soft little house with five kitties stuffed inside. She plays with the kitties and puts them in and out of the house. Simple and cute.

What are you getting your little girl for Christmas?
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2 Responses to “Christmas Gift Guide for Girls”

  1. Super cute! As momma to two girls, these suggestions are great. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. cute list of ideas. Eve is just behind for some of these toy but I'm taking some notes for her birthday list! thanks for sharing!


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