Christmas Gift Guide for Boys

November 20, 2017

We are just weeks away from Christmas and I am determined to get my shopping done now! I'm always on the lookout for creative and fun gift ideas for kids, so today I thought I'd share some great toys and games for boys ages 5-8! Most of these are on Hudson's wish list this year or are things that we already own and love!

1. Lego Ideas Book. This looks like such a fun idea starter for those legos we happen to have lying all around the house! Hudson is lego obsessed so I know he would LOVE this! This book plus a small lego set would make a great gift for a little boy. 

2. Farts Book. We don't have this one but I have a feeling both of my kids would love it. They think "toots" are hilarious. 

3. Bug Viewer. You can use this toy to catch a bug, examine it, and then release it. Yes!!!

4. Math Dice. Hudson loves to play with dice and has been learning simple math at school. We are so impressed with what he knows already and I have a feeling something simple like this would be fun for him. Great stocking stuffer idea! 

5. Air Hogs Robo Trax. Santa is bringing this toy for Hudson this year. We watched a youtube video of this toy and he lost his mind. It goes over rocks and grass and dirt AND transforms in to a robot who can shoot things. Every little boys dream come true. 

6. Lego Tape. Hudson has this and it's so fun! He loves to put the tape on the walls in his bedroom and build his legos on it. Such a cute gift idea!

7. Superhero Cape Set. Hudson got this set for his birthday and it was a huge hit with all of the kids. We pretty much use these every day...even Sadie loves them! This would be a great gift from grandparents. 

8. Marble Run. This looks so awesome! Hudson loves to build ramps for his marbles so I know he would love this. 

9. Robot Turtles Game. This is a programming game for kids where you can change the level of difficulty based on their ability and age. It looks so fun!

10. Lego Ninjago set. Hudson has this set and he loves it. You really can't go wrong with any lego set for a little boy. 

11. TumbleBee Remote Control Car. We saw a little boy playing with this toy a few days ago and it looked so fun. The kid kept crashing it and it seemed to hold up really well!

12. Pirate Handle. This thing is SO cool. You can attach any wrapping paper roll to it and you instantly have a pirate sword! Isn't that fun? My friend's brother in law created it and she brought one as a gift to a birthday party recently..and it was a HUGE hit with all of the kids. Hudson and Sadie are each getting one for Christmas!

13. Headphones. These are made especially for kids so they are durable and have volume control. And they come in several different colors. 

14. Zoob Builder Set. I bought several of these to give as birthday gifts this year and they were always a big hit. You can build all sorts of fun things with them and the come in their own storage container. Win!

What is on your little boy's wish list this year?

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