10 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight, Even if You Have Kids

October 4, 2017

As a mom of three, I'm pretty well practiced in functioning on not enough sleep. It's no fun, but it goes with the territory of being a mom. But that doesn't mean I can't make the most of the few precious hours of sleep I do get each night! Along with diet and exercise, sleep has the power to change your life. Every parent knows the importance of sleep to your overall well-being. And every parent also knows that having kids means you loose out on a ton of sleep. So it's critical that you prioritize getting in those zzzz's. You need to get enough sleep every night so that you can be the best for your kids...and for yourself. 

Sleep is hard to come by, so it's really important that you do whatever you can to make the most of any precious hours you can get. Here are a few of my tips for sleeping better at night:

1. Make your bedroom a haven. Try not to bring your laptop or work in to your bedroom. Your bedroom is for you and your spouse. Fill it with photos you love, scented candles, soft blankets, and soft lighting. I love to diffuse lavender while we sleep. It sets a calming tone in our room and helps us relax...and get better sleep! I'm also guilty of decorating every single room in our house yet leaving our master bedroom a hot mess. I'm working on a makeover, so stay tuned!

2. Invest in amazing sheets. This is my number one rule I learned from my mama. Quality sheets = quality sleep. Good sheets are hard to come by, so when I find some I like I buy multiple sets. We recently started putting these supima cotton sheets on our bed and they are crazy comfortable. They are really lightweight and help keep us cool at night.

3. Wash your sheets weekly. I know things can get busy with little kids around...but there is nothing quite like the feeling of fresh sheets. So strip that bed every week and make it a game with your kids! My kids LOVE to help change the sheets. It takes me at least three times as long with their "help" but I love that I'm teaching them good habits.

4. Invest in a quality mattress. For the past two weeks Jon and I have been sleeping on the Hybrid mattress from Tomorrow Sleep. It's designed to adjust to your body temperature and provide the support essential to restorative sleep. It's the perfect balance between comfort and support. We have the "medium soft" king-size and it's heaven. It's made of memory foam so it's conforms to your body...without making you hot. It's soft but supportive, so you don't feel like you are sinking in to it. I could lay on this mattress forever. 

5. Pick the perfect pillow. I prefer a plush pillow that is somewhat firm and thick. I sleep on my stomach or my side and am super picky! We have these hypoallergenic plus pillows from Tomorrow Sleep on our bed right now and both of us LOVE them. 

6. While I'm talking about pillows, remember to wash them! Ideally, you should wash your pillows every three to four months. I'm totally guilty of not doing this often enough. Most pillows are machine washable!

7. Keep your duvet from bunching up. I swear my husband has restless leg syndrome....so every morning his side of the bed is a mess. I love to use these comforter clips that work like snaps to keep our duvet nicely in place. They are soft so you don't feel them. Without these our duvet insert would end up drifting all over the place and that would drive me bonkers.

8. Get a comforter that's breathable and light weight. We live in Michigan, where it can get hot in the summer and really cold in the winter. I don't like to change our our duvet with the seasons...instead I opt for one that keeps us cool in the summer and warm in the winter. We currently have this down alternative comforter on our bed and really like it!

9. Keep your schedule. Every parent knows that a sleep schedule is important to your child's well-being...but guess what? It's important for you too! Go to bed early (I'm so guilty of this one) instead of staying up late watching Netflix and playing around on Facebook. You can do that later...like when you have kids that sleep through the night. Prioritize your sleep and you'll feel better all day.

10. Keep the kids out of your bed. My kids love to snuggle up in our bed and read books together...and that's fine. But when it's bedtime, they need to sleep in their own beds. Easier said than done, I know! Especially because a certain five year old sneaks in to our bed every night. Learn from my mistake and just say no to kids in your bed. 

Our Tomorrow Sleep mattress arrived in a big box...so no scheduling delivery was needed! If you are interested in trying out something from Tomorrow Sleep I have an amazing coupon code for you. Use code "RED10" for $100 off any $500 purchase!

Tomorrow Sleep provided me with a mattress, sheets, pillows, and comforter for this review, but all opinions are my own.  

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2 Responses to “10 Ways to Sleep Better Tonight, Even if You Have Kids”

  1. Ok I need to invest in comforter clips! I'm crazy about the sheets and comforter being perfect and Brandon messes them up every single night. And it drives me crazy! I totally want to upgrade to a king size, this mattress looks awesome!

  2. YHL talked about the clips on their podcast! I think our comforter is beyond help, though, because it seems like the down inside it is all bunched at one end, too, oops...


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