Last Day of Summer Celebration

September 8, 2017

My kids are always up for a celebration! Since Hudson started school on Thursday, we decided to have a little party to celebrate his last day of summer!

Sadie is sure going to miss her partner in crime while he's at school. Hudson is attending a Young Fives program at the same school he went to pre-school. It's four mornings a week and he's excited!

These two have really started to enjoy each other these past few months. It's so fun to watch their relationship grow. They really do love each other...even if I spend half of my day telling them to stop tackling each other and to keep their hands to themselves. It's a constant battle...but they can't get enough of it. 

Hudson loves teaching Sadie colors, numbers, and letters. And she just LOVES any attention she can get from him. 

Both kids LOVE to have little parties. Hudson had a blast helping me decorate their little table area. And when I asked him what he wanted to make to celebrate the end of summer he without hesitation told me lemonade! So lemonade it is! He's easy to please. 

I love celebrating the simple moments with him! I know soon enough he'll be in school full time so I'm trying to savor every moment of our time together. 

Sadie never passes up an opportunity to celebrate. No matter how big or how small. And getting her own glass of honey infused lemonade was a BIG deal to her!

 We were sent a Kid's Party Pack to jumpstart our experience and help us celebrate these little golden moments with my two best pals. Our Party Pack was curated by lifestyle and entertaining expert Camille Styles...and filled with some adorable honey-themed and kid-focused items. Did you know that September is national honey month

 The kids loved setting up their party with the items found in our box! And Hudson got a kick out of being a chef! To make our lemonade extra special, I decided to try something new and add a little honey. I heated up a mixture of honey and water and then added it to pre-made lemonade...then chilled it for an hour or so in the refrigerator. It was perfect! And tasted soooo good. Hudson has already asked to make it again. He loves getting to stir the honey mixture in to the lemonade. 

Visit the National Honey Board to find some great party tips and learn ways to incorporate honey in to your everyday life. I'm especially excited to try some of the recipes! My favorites are Honey Orange Crush Spritzer, Honey and Nut Glazed Brie, and Honey BBQ Baked Chicken Tenders! Yum! Get the recipes here

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