How to Take an Instagram Photo, in 21 Easy Steps

September 25, 2017

Ever wonder how much effort it takes to get a cute Instagram photo of not one, not two, but three kids? 

It's easy, right? 

First, sweat through your shirt trying to dress your kids in the outfits you need to photograph. 

Give up on the cute coordinating outfits. It will be fine.

Find a spot where the lighting is just right. Bright but not too sunny if you are outside. Bright and not too crazy of a background if you are inside. 

Decide that you can't take another photo on your lovely white blanket because you just did that. Bust out an old quilt instead. 

Use your nice camera, NOT your phone. Because there is nothing "instant" about Instagram. 

Put your kitchen stool right by the kids and go up and down on it approximately 50 times as you try and get the right angle for your photo. 

Bribe the big kids with candy.

Talk in your high pitch sweet voice and beg them to look at the camera. 

Wonder to yourself if this is worth it. 

Next, take one hundred and sixty two photos that look like this. 

Or this. 

Keep your cool. I repeat, keep your cool. 

Decide that you don't have enough patience to get all three kids to cooperate, so settle for a photo of just two of the kids. 

OMG freak out because you just love that baby so much and she's your favorite of all time. 

Suppress the urge to squeeze her and smother her with kisses because she is perfect. 

Don't let the big kids see she's your favorite. 

Edit your photo to remove distractions, like the leg of the chair you are standing on (my favorite is the app Retouch). 

Realize you aren't going to get a cute photo of all three kids looking at the camera.

Decide this crazy one is a more accurate depiction of real life. And it's adorable.

Edit your photo (on your phone, because who has time for photoshop?). Make eyes pop, smooth out out their skin, and lighten things up (I like VSCO, Facetune, Snapseed, and PicTapGo.)

Finally, post to instagram. But only at a time of "high engagement". Or whatever that means. And use  relevant hashtags. Whatever that means. 

See? Easy, right?

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6 Responses to “How to Take an Instagram Photo, in 21 Easy Steps”

  1. haha this is so cute!!! Beautiful babies. I can imagine photos of babies being difficult lol

  2. This had me laughing so hard! So true!

  3. Girl, I feel your pain! Lol. This is everything!

  4. And then repeat process the next day!!

  5. This is tooooo good and so true!! Every time I do this I say OMG this is not worth it!
    XO- Chelsee Hood


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