How to Get the Perfect Monthly Milestone Photo

September 26, 2017

Those rolls. That smile. That face. Something about her being our last baby has me just in a puddle on the floor all the time. She's growing too fast and my heart can't take it. I want to keep her little forever. 

If you know me, you know that I can't stop taking photos of my children. It's a hobby that I love....and one that has improved with each child. After three kids I like to think I've gotten the hang of this whole monthly milestone photo thing and I'm excited to share with you a few of the tips and tricks I've learned along the way! 

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First, think about your setting. A simple, bright, and clean background is best! I've tried everything from monthly milestone blankets, to cards, to stickers...and the thing I think that works best is something simple. You want your baby to be the star of the photo! If you are organized, you can take the photo on the same blanket or rug each month. Or, if you are like me, just aim for a simple background each time and you'll get a set of photos that go well together! 

Gerber Brand at Target Collection

Next, plan your outfit. I like to keep Belle in a simple onesie for her monthly milestone photo. It allows me to really see all those rolls! It also helps to showcase how much she has grown and changed each month. I also like to put her in something that has meaning....big sister Sadie is kitty obsessed and she loves this Gerber Collection bodysuit from Target so much. She flipped out when it came in the mail and got so excited when Belle wore of course I had to use it for her 6 month photo! I'm sure Belle will be a kitty lover just like her sister soon enough. 

Then it's photo taking time! This is the fun part! I love to showcase something that baby can do that is new for that month. For Belle at 6 months, that means sitting! She is so proud of herself for sitting up (for a minute or so at a time!) I just had to capture it!

Gerber Brand at Target Collection

I like to take multiple shots for milestone I had Belle lay down on this simple white cozy blanket. I've taken her photo on this blanket every month. And in order to keep her from rolling on to her tummy, I often have to give her a toy to hold. 

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I also like to take a few detail photos of just her legs and arms. I did this with Hudson when he was a baby and they are still some of my favorite photos. I love looking back at those cubby thighs!

After you've gotten the perfect shot, it's time to edit it! I like to take monthly milestone photos on my Canon 60D with 35mm lens and then use VSCO, Facetune, and Snapseed on my phone to edit the photo. Super easy. 

For me, I've found it's easiest to photoshop in the month instead of using a milestone card or sticker. A one month old baby will lie completely still and let you take their photo next to a milestone card...but a six month old baby will grab it and try to eat it. And a one year old baby might tear up the card and run away. So try and think of something that will be a long term solution for you. I used an app called Over to write "6 months" on this photo. 

Gerber Brand at Target Collection

Belle is so cute in her Gerber Brand Collection of baby essentials from Target. Gerber always offers the very best in baby essentials, including a brand-new 100% cotton collection for Target that delivers on style, value, and quality to meet the needs of today’s modern moms and babies. I love how soft and sweet these bodysuits are on her. 

Gerber's line of versatile everyday essentials makes the transition from sleep to play easy for any new mom and baby. Each piece is designed with adorable and fun prints and patterns to be worn at night or are perfect for any outing, or just hanging out at home! I love to put Belle in one of these pieces at bedtime with just a light sleep sack during the warmer months. 

The new Gerber collection is available at Target stores and online now! You can shop my favorites from the collection here

This post is brought to you by the Gerber Brand Collection at Target, all thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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