Belle at 6 Months

September 14, 2017

This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

I seriously cannot believe it, but this little lady turns 6 months old tomorrow. Wasn't she just born? I blinked and she's a half a year old. Half way to one. Which is almost two. Then five. And then before I know it she'll be 18 and leaving me. Someone hold me now. 

Annabelle is a total mama's girl and isn't afraid to let anyone know it. She does not like to be away from me. She'll let Jon and my mom hold her for a little bit but is constantly searching for me. 

 She loves to watch her big brother and sister play and is begging to join in the fun, I can just tell. She saves her biggest smiles and giggles for them.

I can't help but think about how last year we didn't know if we should expand our family by having another baby. We were SO surprised by news of this sweet girl. And now we can't imagine life without her. She completes our family so perfectly. She brings light and laughter and smiles wherever she goes. She's the happiest baby (if I'm holding her of course) and loves throw smiles around like confetti. Her middle name is Joy and it suits her well. 

She has all sorts of nick names these days. Before she was born we were convinced we would call her "Belle"...we even almost just named her that. But now Hudson calls her "the baby" and sometimes uses her full name.....and Sadie has started calling her "Ann-Bell"  or "baby Belle" and it is the cutest thing EVER. I call her Belle or "the baby" or "baby sissy". So who knows. I hope she's not "the baby" forever. 

But take a look at those thighs. I could eat her up. 

Belle is a great sleeper at night and has been from about 2 months old. I don't know how I got a kid that so easily sleeps through the night, but I'm so grateful! Of course now that I've put it out there she'll probably keep me up all night long. Because she sleeps all night she's a terrible napper...and prefers I hold her for all her naps...which obviously doesn't happen because I have two other kids to keep tabs on. Belle is a great eater and loves to roll around! I can put her on the ground, turn my back for a second, and she's rolled halfway across the room. She grabs every toy in sight (much to her sister and brother's dismay) and loves to give sloppy kisses.

We are working on one of my favorite milestones...sitting! She's not quite there yet, but I'm sure it's just a matter of time. We will probably start working on my least favorite milestone now too....eating solid foods. I know from experience that the mess and work is totally not fun.

I also know from experience that Carter's makes the cutest, softest, and best clothes for little ones. Carter's has always been my go-to for each of my kids. Some of the bodysuits and outfits I've purchased from Carter's are items I know I'll be keeping forever because I have so many fond memories of my kids wearing them. Isn't Belle's "hi" Carter's bodysuit adorable? I couldn't pass it up.

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Are you a Rewarding Moments members? I am and love it! Rewarding Moments members will earn double points on their bodysuit purchase today too. Carter's has such cute boy and girl options. It's a great time to stock up!  

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3 Responses to “Belle at 6 Months”

  1. She is truly a sweet blessing to your family.

  2. Oh friend, I want to squish her! She is just edible!
    Love this Carters onesie x


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