Bath Time Routine with Baby #3

August 10, 2017

Bedtime in our house is straight up bananas. Getting three kids bathed, in pajamas, and in their beds is a TON of work. My husband and I tag team during bed time and we are usually both exhausted by the time it’s over! Thankfully Belle is a pretty easy going gal…..and she LOVES bath and bedtime. I’ve gotten her routine down to a science…which probably means it’s about time for her to decide to switch things up on me. But for now, it works.

When Belle was first born I basically just held her or fed her all night long while Jon and my mom took care of the older kids. Or, when Hudson or Sadie demanded “MOMMY DO IT!” then one of them held her while I spent time with them. It was just a hot mess every night…but so much of those early weeks are, so it was expected! Belle was usually the last one to go to bed. But now that she’s 4 months old, girlfriend cannot hang past 6pm. She gets tired and fussy and just wants to sleep. Kind of like me, ha! So usually at 6pm I’ll give her a bath while Jon puts Hudson and Sadie in the shower. They laugh and make a mess for him while I spent some quality time with my sweet girl.

I mean….look at that face. Can you blame me for wanting to squeeze and hold her all the time?

I love using the Bumbo Elipad while I bathe her….it supports my knees while leaning over the tub. I didn’t have this with the first two kids and I really wish I did! It makes everything so much more enjoyable for me!

It also doubles as a toddler seat. Both of my big kids fight over it!

After bath time, I usually roll some lavender mixed with coconut oil on to the bottom of Belle’s feet and down her spine. She loves it! And it makes her smell so good and helps her calm down after the bath time excitement. I do this with all of the kids and they really like me rubbing their feet before bed!

Then I nurse and rock her to sleep. She’s my last baby, so I’m trying my hardest to soak up every second of her sweet little self. It’s true what they say…babies don’t keep.

We also started using another new product in Belle’s room….the Bumbo Changing Pad. It has a high side support and a safety belt to keep her nice and safe while I change her. It’s also super easy to clean, which I’m finding so convenient! And, like all Bumbo products, it’s ergonomically shaped so it’s comfortable for baby!

You can learn more about Bumbo and their line of products on their website, and can find the Eilpad and Changing Pad on Amazon! Use code BCARES20 for 20% off both products on Amazon, now through 8/31/17!

This post was sponsored by Bumbo, but all opinions are my own.

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2 Responses to “Bath Time Routine with Baby #3”

  1. That sweet little face is her mama all over again!!

  2. Just love this little poppet!! x


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