Girls Just Want to have Tea Parties!

July 12, 2017

I try to spend a little one on one time with each of my kids every day. Even if it's just a few minutes of reading a book, playing a game, or making something together. I want each of my kids to know just how special they are. 

The other day Sadie and I had a little mommy daughter tea party. And it just warmed my heart. Sadie spends a lot of her days playing with Hudson...which means she plays with cars, trucks, name it. So when she has a chance to actually play with some of her toys, she gets so in to it!

We played tea party for such a long time. The weather was perfect so I couldn't resist moving our tea party outside! Hudson was at summer school and the baby was napping. Perfect timing for some special time with my sweet girl.

Watching her play brought back my own memories of playing with my tea set. Having a little girl is so much fun!

Isn't this the cutest set up ever? 

Even Wrigley got in on the tea party action. 

Sadie definitely knows what she likes...and it's PINK! Everything needs to be PINK these days. And she wants to wear a "pretty bow" and "neck-ise" every day. This girl kills me!

So much fun!

Sadie's adorable tea set and dessert tray are made by Cubbie Lee Toys. They are beyond fact both Sadie and I squealed when we opened the package! Have you ever had a toy that you just know you will keep forever...and save for your grandchildren one day? That's exactly how I feel about these sweet wooden toys! All of the Cubbie Lee toys are fun, educational, and beautiful. They are made of sustainable harvest timber and are hand crafted to the highest standard. I can tell these toys will stand the test of time and get a lot of love in our house. Cubbie Lee Toys are available on Amazon too...and there are special discounts if you order two or more! You can view the selection on Amazon here.

You can find Sadie's Ultimate Tea Party Set on Amazon too. It would make a great birthday gift! These toys have entertained us for countless hours and are the first things Sadie reaches for. I've never seen her so enamored by a toy before! I just love playing with my sweet girl....and I seriously cannot wait for Belle to join in on the fun! Want to win an amazing prize package from Cubbie Lee? Right now they are giving away a $195 toy super bundle filled with so many cute toys! Enter to win here

This post is sponsored by Cubbie Lee Toys but our love for their amazing toys is all our own!

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3 Responses to “Girls Just Want to have Tea Parties!”

  1. Little Girls are so fun!! and the pink invasion already started for what I read!! enjoy

  2. How fun! I have boys but everything is so cute.


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