5 Things Every Pregnant Mom Should Know

July 24, 2017

After having three babies, I’ve learned a few things about pregnancy. I’m far from an expert though….in fact, the more kids I have the more I realize I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. And that’s okay! I did learn a few things that every pregnant woman should know:

1. Drink lots of water. When you are pregnant it’s so important to stay hydrated! You will be thirsty all the time! Make sure you always have water with you wherever you go…trust me on this!

2. Get some exercise. I exercised daily when I was pregnant with Hudson, and I felt great! I primarily walked on the treadmill during my lunch hour and then went for another walk in the evening with my dog. It helped me gain less weight during my pregnancy and also helped me shed the baby weight quicker afterwards. I didn’t have as much time with my second and third pregnancies to work out and I really noticed a difference in my overall mood and weight gain.

3. Give yourself some grace. You are growing another human inside your body. It’s an amazing thing but so so so exhausting! Listen to your body and take it easy when you need to. Take a nap, get a massage, or eat that ice cream sundae!

4. Expect the unexpected. Everyone and their mother (and your mother too) will want to give you advice on what to expect when you are pregnant. But in reality, every soon-to-be-mom is different. And every pregnancy is different. One day you feel terrible and the next you feel like a million dollars! I remember when I was pregnant with Hudson, I didn’t throw up at all….meanwhile my good friend was tossing her cookies every single day. I worried that something was wrong with me or my baby…but it turns out everything was absolutely fine. I was just different! And I totally made up for the lack of sickness with my next two pregnancies. Everyone is different so try not to compare yourself to others. It will only bring you un-needed stress!

5. Do your research! When you are pregnant, there are so many decisions that need to be made with your doctor or midwife team. If you are a long time reader here, you’ll know I did a lot of research on doctor vs. midwife and c-section vs. VBAC. Everyone is different and it’s important that you discuss all of your options with your medical provider. With all three of my pregnancies we explored the option of cord blood banking. We donated cord blood once too! Over the past several years there has been a lot of new research in the field of stem cells and cord blood banking. CBR partners with researchers on FDA- regulated clinical trials to advance newborn stem cell research as well as connect families to trials if they qualify. CBR’s goal is to provide the best service and quality in the collection, processing, and storage of newborn stem cells. If you are pregnant, you can consider the option of cord blood banking. Did you know that July is Cord Blood Awareness month? It’s a time to highlight and celebrate the significant contributions made through stem cell research, trials, and treatment. If you are interested in storing your cord blood for future use, you can find more information at the Cord Blood Registry.

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4 Responses to “5 Things Every Pregnant Mom Should Know”

  1. First of all, these are beautiful photographs! You are stunning. And second, great tips. I didn’t drink enough water when I was pregnant. And grace!!! Yes, all the grace.

  2. Love these photos and while Im not pregnant, these are awesome tips.

  3. Great advice, Julie!! I especially like the part about not comparing yourself to others and giving yourself grace. Pregnancy is such an emotional, yet exciting, time!! I'm super thankful to get to experience it three times, but I'm also happy to be done with that part of my life!

  4. These are the perfect tips for a first time mom, especially about comparison


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