Things a Mother Knows

May 11, 2017

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I partnered with Hyland's for this post.

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These are things a mother knows:

- The smallest person in your house will have the largest load of laundry. Guaranteed.

- No matter how long your baby has been sleeping, the second you decide to check on them they will wake up.

- Cutting little fingernails is the worst job ever.

- Baby wipes are not just for cleaning up babies. They are good for wiping toddler hands, tables at a restaurant, cleaning up spills on the carpet or spots on your couch, wiping down your car, cleaning your cell name it. I will forever have baby wipes in my purse, no matter how old my kids get.

- Comparing your children's habits with your friend's kids will not end well.

- Going to the bathroom alone is a luxury.

- It's way more fun to shop for your kids than it is for yourself.

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- You will actually say the words "because I said so" more times than you will be able to count.

- You'll also say amazing things like "thank you for peeing on the rug and not the carpet" and "keep your hands and teeth to yourself" and "do NOT pee on your sister."

- Your purse is multifunctional. Not only does it hold ALL THE THINGS, I've also used mine to hold my baby while trying to help my toddler use the potty at the library. True story.

- You will do many, many, things as a mother that you swore you would never do. Make 3 different dinners because no one will eat the same thing. Let your kids watch youtube videos on the iPad so that you can have a minute to yourself. Bribe your kids with candy. 

- The pantry is a great place to hide in when you want to eat a cookie but you don't want to share.

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- You are the only one for the job. It doesn't matter if daddy is ready and willing to help with bath time, or put on a bandaid, or buckle your toddler in their carseat. In your toddler's eyes, mommy does it the best, so only mommy can do those things.

- You have the magic touch. Your kiss makes a boo boo feel better. Your belly rubs make the tummy ache go away. Your cuddles make everything better.

- Nothing grosses you out anymore. After your baby has projectile vomited and/or pooped on you, you can basically do anything.

- You'll sleep one day. Maybe.

- The "mama bear" instinct is real.

- Your kids have a "I'm pooping my pants face" and you know it well.

- You can smell poop from two rooms away.

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- Despite your best efforts, you will hear you own mom's words coming out of your mouth. You are slowly turning in to her.

- You can multi-task like it's your J-O-B. Because it is. Phone call + making lunch + toddler pulling all of the tupperware out on the floor + 4 year old telling you all about the rules to pokemon = you've got this.

- Washing machines eat baby socks. It's like a toll you have to pay to do laundry.

- You will do anything for your kids. Except touch the to the bugs and worms they find. That's daddy's job.

- Yoga pants are not just for yoga. They are the official mom uniform. And they are amazing. You don't even need to actually go to yoga....just look like you could go to yoga if you wanted to.

- No mother really knows what she's doing. We just make it up as we go along. The good news is that kids don't figure this out until they become parents too.

- There was never a more true statement than "the days are long but the years are short."

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- When it comes to your kids, natural, safe, and effective health remedies used by generations of moms are the best. That's why I trust Hyland's line of products. We've used multiple Hyland's products since Hudson was a baby. Hyland's goal is to support moms with products that provide gentle and proven care for adults and little ones. Motherhood is exhausting and overwhelming, but Hylands's looks to provide moms with the knowledge and comfort that they are not alone...we've all been there.

You can learn more about Hyland's products that are trusted by generations of moms here. In our house we regularly turn to Hyland's for gentle remedies I can trust. Only the best for my little ones. 

This post is brought to you by Hyland's, but all opinions are my own.

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10 Responses to “Things a Mother Knows”

  1. Truth, in every line! I love being a momma x

  2. Yes yes and yes! Everything is so true. Love this!

  3. Cutting tiny finger nails IS the worst! Eek! I do not miss those days!

  4. Absolutely LOVE this post- so much truth in it!! Baby wipes are SO wonderful, I have them stashed everyyyyywhere, lol! And Hylands' tiny cold tablets saved us with T!

  5. Literally nodding my head and agreeing with every single one! And why would you wear yoga pants for yoga!?! ;)

  6. So sweet, and I agree with so many! Especially that buying kids' clothes is more fun than buying our own!

  7. definitely true to every word.can't stop laughing to baby being carried in the hand bag.and yes baby/toddlers wipe can be used for any thing,carry mine every time u am out with the kids.


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