Outdoor Fun and KEEN for the Whole Family

May 15, 2017


What happened to spring? It was winter, we had a baby, and all of a sudden it's summertime! Both of my big kids LOVE being outside (I mean, who doesn't) and we have the best backyard for exploring!


One of our favorite activities is doing a outdoor scavenger hunt. I make a list of fun things we can hunt around for right in our yard.

Here are some of the things I always include on our list:
- white rock
- rock shaped like a heart
- feather
- 3 dandelions
- a leaf bigger than your hand
- a leaf smaller than your hand
- 3 pinecones
- acorn
- nest
- blue bird
- red bird
- squirrel
- frog
- ant hill
- a surprise (we always end with this....see below)

You get the idea. Neither of my kids can read so we just talk about what's next on our list. Most days I don't even write it down, I just fly by the seat of my pants. Clearly, not a pinterest mom right here. We also think it's fun to have dance or jump breaks during our hunt. We stop and dance whenever they are starting to fight....and it does the trick every time!


Sadie prefers finding the rocks and flowers. 


And Hudson is always on the hunt for a frog. Boys. 


Dance break! Who can jump the highest??? Whenever they start to argue about who gets to hold what, or who found xyz first, I have them dance or jump. They start to laugh and forget about whatever was causing them to melt down. Mom win!


Pinecone and flower! Cross them off the list!


Hudson is wearing his new KEEN Oakridge shoes and we both love them! He's tough on shoes but these have held up great! Perfect for climbing, jumping, and exploring outside.


And Sadie is wearing the KEEN Encanto Finley. They are lightweight, keep her feet cool, and are easy to get on and off. Plus they are cute! She loves them!


We always end our scavenger hunt with a surprise....and on this day it was popsicles! Or "pop pops" if you're Sadie. 


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I partnered with KEEN for this post but our love for their shoes is all our own! #keenkidssummer

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7 Responses to “Outdoor Fun and KEEN for the Whole Family”

  1. How fun to make it a hunt every time :)!

  2. I'm looking forward to hiking and camping with our kids this summer. it will be a first for our 1 year old.

  3. I can't wait for lots of outside time and my inlaws pool :)

  4. I love vacations but you always need a vacation afterwards.

  5. I'm looking forward to lots of playtime in our backyard, swimming in our new pool, and relaxing evenings on our back porch!

  6. What cuties!! I love the idea of an outdoor scavenger hunt!!

  7. Cute pictures and their shoes are adorable!


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