Living that diaper bag life

May 4, 2017

Typical photo these days....usually only one child will cooperate. You win some, you loose some, right? I'm just living that diaper bag life. I don't leave the house these days without packing ALL THE THINGS. I know one day I'll be able to grab my wallet and phone and head out the door...but these are not those types of days. These are the "everything and the kitchen sink" types of days. No matter how old my kids get, I'll probably always cary baby wipes with me...those things have gotten me out of a sticky situation more times than I can count. With three kids, leaving the house requires all kinds of planning and coordination. 

And I'm late pretty much everywhere I go. I had to bring something for brunch to our last MOPS meeting at church this week....and we are supposed to arrive 15 minutes early when it's our turn to bring food. Well. I arrived 10 minutes late. And nobody called me in a panic or doubted for one second that I would show up. That's how I know I'm with "my people". Those ladies get it. We've all been there, right? And seriously, I've seen Hudson move at lightning speed when it comes to hunting Easter eggs, but ask that boy to put on his own socks and shoes and it easily take thirty minutes. Those same ladies also didn't say anything when I showed up with 3 dozen donuts from he drive thru minus the two that my kids had to eat in the car on the way there. #momlife

Anyway, I'm not perfect. I forget things. I loose my temper. I'm still wearing my maternity jeans. My hair is unwashed under that cute hat. But through it all my sweet boy loves to pick me flowers. When he's sweet, he's SWEET. But dang, 4 year olds are tough, am I right? 

I recently started using this Ultra Diaper Bag by bblüv and it's been great. It's big and roomy without being too bulky. And it holds all the stuff I need when I have all three kids in tow! 

Everything packed up perfectly. 

Here's what I carry around if I'm taking all three kids out and about. I'll often leave my bag in the car if we are running errands...but it's nice to know I have all the necessities with me just in case:

- Change of clothing for each kid. It's important to note that I assess what clothing I'm carrying each month or so. I make sure everything still fits and is the right season.
- Diapers
- Wipes. This bblüv Ultra Diaper Bag has a built-in removable wipes case on the side of the bag...genius!
- Toys and books
- Burp cloth
- Bib
- Sippy cup
- All the snacks (this bag includes an insulated food bag to keep snacks fresh!)
- Blanket 
- Changing pad 
-wet bag

The bblüv Ültra Diaper Bag is the only diaper bag you will ever need! It is super spacious, easy to clean, and has a ton of storage, including a built-in wipes container and built-in wet bag. Plus a great removable insulated food bag to keep snacks fresh. I absolutely love the side wipes's so handy to be able to just quickly grab a wipe without opening the bag. Plus Hudson can grab one too! Another favorite is the extra large size changing pad complete with pockets and a carry strap can be used separately. I use this when I'm at church with all three little ones in tow and I need to quickly change a it! The Ultra is available in a modern charcoal color and a fresh heather grey, so it looks great for both mom and dad to carry! You can buy one here. 

This post is in partnership with bblüv but all opinions are my own. 

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2 Responses to “Living that diaper bag life”

  1. I suck at packing a diaper bag!!! Yours looks soo organized!!! But yes, I agree somedays it feels like I have to pack the kitchen sink and I keep wipes in my car at all times - you just never know!!!
    Wait 4 year olds are worse than 3 year olds? Because 3 year old should come with manuals and safety hazard warnings!!

  2. You are just too cute...even with dirty hair! I love how you organized your bag, especially how you included the all important puppy!!!


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