Picnic Break

April 27, 2017

I've been trying to think of ways to make the "big kids" feel special now that we have a new baby that  requires so much of my attention. It's my goal to carve out a little portion of the day to give them each some one-on-one time...but it doesn't always happen. The other day while Belle napped we decided to have a snack picnic in the back yard...and Hudson and Sadie loved it so much! It's just starting to warm up over here and we have missed being able to play outside! 

It's so sweet how they enjoy something so simple, like a picnic outside, so much. These two seem so big to me now that we have another baby. We were playing and I told them to "cheers" with their Harvest Snaps snacks....Sadie didn't get the memo and instead used her hairbrush. Can you tell someone is excited about finally having some hair to brush?

It was nice to spend some time with just Hudson and Sadie. They have been so good with the baby and have blow me away with how sweet they are to her. I hope they always love each other this much!

Our yard is heavily wooded....so this girl is always up for a little snack followed by a lot of exploring!  We spent the afternoon outside enjoying the nice weather and time together! I love watching them explore, ask questions, and learn new things. Part of the reason we built our house here was because we wanted our kids to have a great backyard to play in. While it's still a work in progress they don't seem to mind!

We have been long time fans of Harvest Snaps in our house and love them for a fun and better-for-you snack! Hudson requests "green beans please!", but they are actually made from real, all-natural peas. I love them as a snack because they have more protein and fiber than top chip brands, and much less fat and sodium. We have been enjoying the original lightly salted version but recently discovered there are several different varieties to choose from. Each packs a surprising flavor punch...after all, good decisions shouldn’t mean sacrifice! 

Totally kid (and mom) approved!

Hudson and Sadie both like the lightly salted and the caesar versions of Harvest Snaps. But my new favorite is the tomato basil....so so good! And Jon loved them all and couldn't pick a favorite!

I love giving my family a snack they love that I don't feel guilty about enjoying! Harvest Snaps breaks every snacking expectation and can be found at your local store near the produce section.

What are your family's favorite snacks? 

I partnered with Harvest Snaps for this post, but our love for their snacks is all our own. 

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  1. Your kids are adorable :) And who doesn't love a good picnic?? These snacks actually sound really tasty, I've never seen them before!


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