How I pack my diaper bag

April 5, 2017

JJ Cole Diaper Bag

Life with three sure has been an adjustment....but in all honesty, as hard as it is I wouldn't trade it for the world. Belle has completed our family and I can't imagine life without her sweet little self.
JJ Cole Diaper Bag

But now, when we go out, it's quite the production. I carry so much stuff with me that my husband has referred to my bag as a "Mary Poppins" bag...because I need ALL THE THINGS at all times. With three kids you never know what you'll need...and I like to be prepared. 

JJ Cole Diaper Bag

Here's what I pack in our diaper bag:

Diapers! In multiple sizes.
A change of clothes for each kid
Extra hair bow (because you never know!)
Nursing cover
Hair rubber band for mama
Hand sanitizer
Swaddle blanket
Sippy cup
Straws (we always need a straw and never seem to have I've learned to pack some with me wherever we go!)
Snacks. Snacks. Snacks. Our favorites are apple sauce packets, goldfish crackers, raisins, and granola bars.
Lollipops. For bribery purposes, obviously. 

JJ Cole Diaper Bag

That's a lot of stuff. And as a mom of three I've tried my fair share of diaper bags. Finding the right bag can be so hard....thankfully I've discovered the perfect diaper bag by JJ Cole! It's cute, functional,  holds all our stuff, and is easy to clean. All of which are must haves on my diaper bag list! 

JJ Cole Diaper Bag

My bag is the JJ Cole Bucket Tote, which features 13 pockets (YES!!!), is water-resistant, and includes a changing pad, bottle cooler, and pacifier pod! It's functional, yet stylish. I wish I would have had this bag from the beginning!

JJ Cole Diaper Bag

JJ Cole bags are specifically designed with your and baby’s needs in mind. Get a bag that multitasks as much as you do – shop Babies R Us for the latest JJ Cole products!

Check out this super cute video below that I made of the girls and I using our JJ Cole diaper bag! Sadie packing and unpacking the bag is my favorite! 

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4 Responses to “How I pack my diaper bag”

  1. OHM, I can't believe you leave the house period...let alone with a properly stocked diaper bag and three kids! And then you took pictures AND had time to blog about it. You're my hero! Our #3 is due in two months and I'm taking notes, you're an inspiration!

  2. SUCH a cute bag!! I pack the entire world for just 1 little guy, can't imagine how much you need with 3! hehe :)

  3. Always good to be prepared. Love the video of Sadie unpacking the bag!!

  4. That's such a cute bag! It definitely is a production to leave the house with a bunch of kids. My bag is always jammed full of stuff, but I like to be prepared for anything!


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