Sadie Room Tour

February 8, 2017

It only took me a year....but Sadie's room is finally done! It was about 75% finished for a long time.....but for some reason I just couldn't finish it. This room was the hardest for me....and I think it's because of the pink walls. Don't get me wrong, I love the pink. But I think it made the room harder to decorate for some reason. Baby girl's room is grey and has been SO MUCH EASIER. Anyway, it wasn't until my mom came home from a shopping trip to HomeGoods declaring she found the PERFECT curtains for Sadie's room. We had been back and fourth for months about what to do about her curtains. We wanted something soft and light, but we just couldn't find it. But waiting paid off and they are darling! Needless to say, her room turned out absolutely adorable and absolutely her. And I just love it so much. 

Sadie aways has to have all her "kikis" in her bed!

Floral Blanket: Dwell Darling
Shelf: Home Depot
Curtains: DKNY from HomeGoods
Dresser: Ikea
Lamp: Target
Mirror: Target
Gold Wire Bookcase: Vintage
Floral Dear Canvas: Hobby Lobby
Aarow bow holder: Target
Gold S: HomeGoods
Flower garland: Aidie's Hideaway
Love Her Forever: Hobby Lobby
Mint Chairs: Target
Pink Table: Target
Glitter Sadie Sign: Sweet Orange Fox

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12 Responses to “Sadie Room Tour”

  1. I saw those curtains a few weeks ago and snagged them for my daughters big girl room (even though she is just 1). Too cute to pass up! I might need to go back and buy some more!

  2. Such a darling room! Can't wait to see baby's nursery!!

  3. Love love LOVE IT!! Such a cute room :)

  4. Ooh I love her little table and chairs and that floral blanket! Such a sweet room!

  5. I absolutely love everything about her room! Just precious. Well done!

  6. It's perfect for her! So darling!

  7. SUCH a cute room! It's perfect for her! LOVE all the floral!

  8. The cutest little room for Sadie, I love it!! I love all the little touches too - her quilt on the crib, the gold S and the Sadie banner and pom poms x

  9. Such a pretty room! I totally agree, having color on the walls makes it so much more difficult to decorate, I wish we would have painted my middles room grey because you can always accent any color with it.

  10. Beautiful kid room, love the color which perfectly matched with every thing placed in the room, what a classic interior design work. Love to share chairthrone for beautiful stylish chair.


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