Personalized Christmas Gift Idea

November 17, 2016

Raise your hand if you are almost done with Christmas shopping.......anyone? I'm totally not. I always have big plans to be done by Black Friday, and it never happens. This year I'm on the hunt for unique gifts you can't find everywhere.....and today I'm sharing two of my absolute favorite new gift ideas.

I've been blog friends with Julie (hey! Great name!) for a few years now and she recently opened up the most adorable shop, 3 Daughters Designs, where she makes custom silhouettes! 

I sent Julie a few profile photos of Sadie and Hudson and she went to work...and the results are just darling! Julie made an ornament for both Hudson and Sadie with their customer silhouette. Hudson is already obsessed with his and recognized it as him right away!

And look at these silhouettes! They are precious and I will cherish them forever....and they would make a PERFECT grandparent gift, don't you think? I can't wait to have Julie make one more once baby girl is here. 

Look how she captured Hudson's hair. Dying. Julie sent me some drafts via email before she made the final products, just so I could look them over. LOVE!

And she can do one of your pet too! Isn't this sweet? Wrigley might need an ornament next. 

Julie offers all types of sizes of silhouettes in a variety of colors....on paper, ornaments, even mugs!  They are just too cute for words and make a great gift or keepsake. Right now you can save 10% off your 3 Daughters Designs order with code "GIRLINTHEREDSHOES" at checkout. And be sure to order right away so you can enjoy your ornaments and silhouettes during Christmas! Keep in mind the deadline to order in time for Christmas delivery is December 6th. 

You can find out more information on 3 Daughters Designs Etsy shop, Facebook, or Instagram

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6 Responses to “Personalized Christmas Gift Idea”

  1. Love these darling ideas so cute ;)
    Chelsea @

  2. OMG! Those are so amazing!! I love them so much and what a special gift to give.

  3. Those ornaments are just too precious!

  4. I absolutely LOVE those ornaments! And the silhouettes!!!

  5. Oh my gosh these are adorable!!!

  6. I made a couple of silhouette prints for my Mom & MIL for Mother's day this past year & everyone loved how they turned out. I printed some for myself, too! I love how you can see Hudson's hair. So cute!


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