Oh hey there Friday

November 18, 2016

Hey there Friday.....it's nice to see you! It's been a while since I've done a 5 on Friday post...so here goes nothing.

{one}  This girl has been talking up a storm lately. Mostly "no!" and "mine!"....but still. It's crazy to me how much she comprehends what we say...and how much she knows the rules but still breaks them. She's trouble! Here she is scolding Wrigley or as she says "Re-Re" (just like Hudson did when he was little!) because he wouldn't bring the ball back to her. that little finger is killing me. So are the skinny jeans and hands on her hip. 

And don't get me started on that belly!

There is seriously nothing cuter. I just want to bottle her up and keep her forever. 

{two} This month's POPSUGAR Must Have Box was hands down my absolute favorite box so far! If you are looking for a gift for someone who has everything, this is the perfect solution! When I saw the Kendra Scott Elaina Rose Gold bracelet I totally squealed! Also in the box, a chambray runner by Pehr, Dawn to Dusk Palette by Stowaway Cosmetics, a super cute wire bowl by AJ Goods, star party picks by Meri Meri, and the yummiest toffee butter popcorn by Oogie's Snacks. I seriously love everything in this box...they totally nailed it. Use code "SHOP5" for $5 off your first Must Have Box here. #MustHaveBox #ad

{three} I need your help. I'm about to head to California for a work trip which means I get to READ!!!!!! I haven't read a book in.....I can't remember the last time honestly. So, I'm super rusty. What should I pick up? What have been your favorite reads lately? Please share in the comments because I am so out of the loop!  

{four} We recently tried out some Munk Pack, which is an oatmeal fruit squeeze snack for adults on the go....but I quickly found out Hudson likes them too. We both like peach chia vanilla and the apple quinoa cinnamon the most! Plus they are all gluten free, kosher, vegan, and contain no GMO's. 

{five} I'm off to do my glucose test this morning. Here's hoping that this will be the last time I ever have to chug that nasty orange drink. And actually, as I learned with Sadie, the orange is not quite as bad as the clear drink. The clear drink is AWFUL. And the orange is slightly better. But still gross. Wish me luck!

Happy Friday!

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9 Responses to “Oh hey there Friday”

  1. Oh my goodness that belly! Adorable! I cannot wait for GG, I'm re-watching all the seasons now but just started 5 (there are 7) and I doubt I'll finish so I may just skip to the last season. Good luck on your glucose test! And I agree, the orange isn't so bad, still bad, but not the worst

  2. I love Sadie's headband! My aunt put little felt flowers similar to the one on her headband as decoration to the packages of clothes she gave me at my baby shower. I thought they were so cute that I saved them and used them to make hair clips for Rory!

    Ugh the dreaded glucose test! I had the clear drink... the lemon lime. I struggled the whole time drinking it and kept almost puking it up. Thank goodness my test came back good though. My cousin is pregnant as well, also with a little girl, and she got the orange drink first and only failed by a few points. So she had to take the 3 hour, which I for sure thought she would pass, but she failed that and got diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She had the fruit punch flavor the second time. She said the orange and the fruit punch really aren't that bad. Good luck with your test!


  3. Read all the Liane Moriarty books! She is fantastic! They are making one of them into an HBO show with Reese Witherspoon and Nicole Kidman. Obsessed!

  4. Best of luck with that glucose drink! And have a great weekend!

  5. If you like historical fiction than I highly recommend any of these (The Nightingale, All the Light we Cannot See, Lilac Girls, A Thousand Splendid Suns, or if you like non-fiction/ biography The Glass a Castle)

  6. She is definitely stinking cute!! As for reads, I've been on a huge kick this year. If you're in for serious, I loved The Nightingale. If you're in for semi-serious, chick lit then The Selection series is a must. I couldn't put any of these down. I just finished a memoir called Die Young with Me. And I read the first two books of the Divergent Trilogy. Those were good too! I am no help... haha. Enjoy the time of reading!

  7. That belly is amazing! Finn has a matching one. Yes to Gilmore Girls (now to convince Conor we will be watching that at night...). And books: A Man Called Ove, The Night Circus, or Calling Me Home.

  8. Sadie is certainly developing some sass, but she is so adorable!!!

  9. Her pose with that finger...SO freaking cute!


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