Christmas Pajama Party!

November 30, 2016

Because Christmas jammies are the best, right? Look at my babies last year! Oh. My. Word. They are so little! Good thing I'm pregnant because Sadie's cheeks are giving me baby fever. 

Join me and some blogging friends for a Christmas pajama up style! I can't wait to see what jammies your little ones are rocking this year. Mine are totally rocking those bear jams again...because they are my favorite and we have them in almost every size thanks to Gap making them year after year. This was actually the first year I didn't have to buy them new...because Hudson's were a little too big last year they still fit this year....and Sadie is wearing the pair Hudson wore in 2013. Dying. And also I'm already trying to figure out what to do next year because Hudson will be too big for toddler sizes....come on Gap! Make these in a kid version please!

Anyway, the link up starts December 15 right here....and runs until the 22nd! Yay! So excited! Who's joining us?

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3 Responses to “Christmas Pajama Party!”

  1. OMG!! They have grown so much! Sweet babes! Love their jammies and can't wait to see them in them again this year. Love those pajamas.

  2. They are just too cute! Can't believe you'll have THREE cuties next Christmas!! :) I can't wait to link up for the first time, yay!


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