I Got it from My Mama

October 4, 2016

That title has nothing to do with this post. Except I saw a cute "I Got it from My Mama" sweatshirt on Instagram and now I can't remember where it was from. And it's stuck in my brain. 

Also, this post has nothing to do with anything. I know I owe you all a baby bump photo....but that would require me to do my hair and not dress like a homeless person. So, I'm working on that. But trust me, the bump is large and in charge this go around. It was like the day I found out I was pregnant my body was like "I got this bump thing down...." and it's been hanging out ever since. Lord help me if I have another 9 pound baby. I really should stop eating so much chips and salsa. 

But if you are reading this, could you please send me some chips and salsa from Chili's? I think they've laced it with crack. I'll be your best friend forever.

So in the meantime, enjoy these photos of Sadie and her "kiki". Girlfriend is obsessed with kitties and wants to kiss and hug them every time she see's one. Real, stuffed, in a book, doesn't matter. This black kitty is her favorite though and she takes her pretty much everywhere. And I love it.

Happy Tuesday!

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9 Responses to “I Got it from My Mama”

  1. Love her & her sweet kitties! Finn was 9lb 10oz so I'm terrors our next baby (not pregnant) will hit the 10lb range. I cannot handle that!

  2. You say large and in charge, I bet the rest of us say adorable! Can't wait for a picture. And girl, you eat all the chips + salsa you want! You deserve every last crumb. After all, my prego #3 motto has been "It's my last pregnancy; I'm going to enjoy every minute...aka eat whatever I want!"

  3. I am sure you are adorable!!!! Eat those chips and salsa girlfriend!

  4. She is so stinking cute!! And yes, girl, eat all the chips and salsa and feed that baby!!

  5. Anxiously waiting for a bump photo!!! I'm sure you look amazing, but I cracked up your look like a homeless person comment. Ha ha! Sweet sweet Sadie! Gotta love her and her kitty.

  6. mmm. and guac. GIVE IT ALL TO ME.


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