October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween everyone! My two little trick-or-treaters are READY!

They got a special preview yesterday when we trick-or-treated at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Apparently grandkids (and kids!) get an entire bag of candy. SCORE. And Aunt Erin was there with candy too. We could have totally stopped right there....but a certain THE HULK was a little anxious to get some more trip-or-treating on.

Sadie had so much fun just walking up to the door....I'm sure she has no clue what's going on but Hudson's excitement was contagious! 

So we hoped on over to our town's truck or treat event. We've never been before so I had zero expectations. And oh my word. It was insane. SO BUSY. And so many kids. It was advertized as a "safe alternative to trick or treating!" and it was...except there were a million kids running around truck-or-treating, grabbing snacks, and bouncing in the 4 different bounce houses. And it gave me way more anxiety than actual trick-or-treating!

We met up with Hudson's BFF, Callen and his family and had so much fun.....BUT we wished there was an adult beverage station because man, it was stressful. I didn't even take pictures...I was too overwhelmed, ha! Thanks to Mary for snapping this one. These boys love each other! 

But the kids had so much fun! And that's all that matters right?

Luckily Hudson and Sadie get to trick-or-treat AGAIN tonight. Bring on the candy. 

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4 Responses to “Boo!”

  1. They are so cute!!! We had a very low key trick or treat experience last night and not nearly as many kids were out because it was on and off sprinkling.

  2. Such cute little trick-or-treaters! Happy Halloween!

  3. They are adorable. Hope they had a wonderful Halloween!


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