Do All the Fall Things

September 23, 2016

Yesterday we kicked off the start of fall with a bang. It's officially my most favorite season and we don't want to miss a minute of it. I feel like our summer was pretty much a bust because I was feeling so terrible. But now I'm better and ready to do ALL THE FALL THINGS!

We wore our rain boots for the first time this week! And I realized Sadie only has Hudson's old tractor boots to wear. She NEEDS some red Hunters, am I right? Someone please send Jon that message. Also, Hudson needs some new boots too....he wore his last pair of rain boots for two seasons, so Hunters are totally justified for both kids, right?

And we found some leaves that had fallen. Yay fall!

We headed to Trader Joe's to get some mini pumpkins (we'll do a real pumpkin patch later!). I told each kid they could pick 2 pumpkins each. We left with 10. 

Sadie loved the mini white pumpkins best. That's my girl.

While at Trader Joe's I sneaked this Halloween gingerbread house in to my cart. Hudson and I decorated it during Sadie's nap and he had so much fun! Not pictured: the giant bite Hudson took out of the roof after I snapped this photo. 

We decorated the pumpkins with crayon and stickers....but apparently that wasn't enough. So we painted a few too. I had SO many questions on Instagram about what paint we use. We love Crayola's Washable Paint. It cleans up so easy and washes out of clothes too. I still strip the kids down to diaper/undies anyway because it's a MESS! Baths for everyone followed!

It's supposed to be in the 60s-70s for the rest of the week and I'm loving it! Happy fall!

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8 Responses to “Do All the Fall Things”

  1. OMG Sadie in those rain boots! I think Hunters are totally justified. Cam wore his last pair of fun camo rainboots for almost two years because I always buy them big, but he went to put his feet in them a few weeks ago and they are way too small. Guess they will be a must buy for soon. I need to go grab some fun pumpkins today and start decorating our front porch.

  2. Loved your stories on Insta at TJ's :) What a fun fall day for y'all!

  3. I love that you've already decorated pumpkins! I am so behind the ball. Naked painting is the best, though!!! Hunters are a definite!

  4. Both your darlings totally need some Hunters! I want to go to TJs and get that gingerbread haunted house, how stinkin cute!!

  5. What a fun weekend! They definitely need Hunters for sure! :) I can't control myself when it comes to grocery store pumpkins either. They're so tiny and cute and I can't stop myself from buying a ton!

  6. Fall truly is the best! Sadie is so precious in her black and white leggings and chambray top! I love that outfit. I totally agree that she needs red Hunters! Great pictures! You guys are already having such a fun fall.


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