So it's been a while....

August 22, 2016

We're still here! Why is it so dang hard to blog during the summer? I even enrolled Hudson in summer "school" at a local gymnastics center, just to have a little routine. But still...the summer flew by in a flurry of gymnastics and swim lessons and you hardly heard a peep from me. So sorry my friends! The good news is Hudson wants to be an olympic gymnast, or swimmer, or diver. He can't decide. And Sadie is sort of obsessed with the music from the synchronized swimming routines. And I just had to google how to spell synchronized. So there's that. So our summer was well spent. 

This past week was straight up bananas at our house. Jon had the nerve to take off on a week long business trip and leave me alone with two crazy kiddos. AND then he came home on Friday night with presents for the kids and a big old case of the flu. So that's been fun! Thank God my mom lives next door to help me! 

This is Hudson's last week of gymnastics summer school and then we have week off before farm school starts back up again!

I hope you all enjoy the last few weeks of summer. I honestly can't wait for fall. It's my most favorite time of the year....and I'm totally over the heat of the summer and can't wait for cozy sweaters and boots. BRING IT!

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5 Responses to “So it's been a while....”

  1. How cute are they! Love those Jammies. Summer has been insane. I'm ready for school to start and to settle into a routine. And I'm also over the heat... So over it!

  2. Those jammies are amazing!! I want them! Summer has been absolutely crazy. I'm ready for routine again. HA ah!

  3. These jammies are the cutest! And I know what you mean about summer flying by! I'll make sure to look for Hudson in the 2032 olympics ;)

  4. You sound like me - I've had a terrible time blogging this summer. And I am SO ready for fall! Those pictures of them together are so cute! Also, I am definitely jealous that your mom lives so close; that is awesome!

  5. our Summer was full of Gymnastics and Swimming too!! I love that Hudson attends a Farm School...I sure wish I could find one near us for Ellie...although she already lives on a farm but other peoples animals are always so much more fun


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