Preparing for Back to School

August 1, 2016

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We've been soaking up every last bit of summer before school starts. Isn't it crazy how quickly the summer goes by? I thought it seemed short when I was in school, but now that I have kids of my own it literally flies by. 

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We've got one month left of lazy mornings, hanging out in our swim suits all day, and waiting to see just how long we can stretch out Hudson's spring time hair cut before he starts looking like a hippy. 

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And popsicles for lunch. And sometimes dinner too. 

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We are spending some extra time this month checking off all of our before school starts bucket list items. And of course Hudson choose to make cookies together first. Typical. 

I'm excited for Hudson to go back to school this year. He absolutely loved his teachers and friends last year and he learned SO MUCH. I know that this year he'll learn even more and be even more confident being away from mommy for a few hours each day. 

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Look at how much he grew in one year. I can't take it!

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This year we are learning all about Box Tops for Education and I can't wait to start earning money for Hudson's school. We built our house in our neighborhood just so that we could stay in such an amazing school system. I feel good about sending my son to a school where I know he'll receive the education he needs to succeed in life. And I like knowing that Hudson's school will have the best supplies and access to resources, thanks to a great community, wonderful family involvement, and a great program like Box Tops for Education. 

Box Tops for Education makes it easy to give back to schools just by making your normal everyday purchases. All you have to do is look for the Box Tops label when you shop General Mills products at Walmart. Your school will receive $.10 for every box top you clip and send in! In addition to the $0.10 per Box Top, right now there is a special 5-for-1 deal where you earn 4 bonus Box Tops for every 1 product you purchase at Walmart. That's an extra 50 cents...and that can add up quickly!

I picked up a few of our favorite snacks with Box Tops on them and Hudson is excited to start collecting them for his school! Schools can use the money from Box Tops to purchase much-need supplies for their classroom. Be sure to pick up your Box Top items at your local Walmart so you can take advantage of the 5-for-1 deal and send some money for your school!

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4 Responses to “Preparing for Back to School ”

  1. My husband is crazy with collecting box tops! Right now Noah's school doesn't take them, but boy will we be ready for public school!

  2. I am a crazy box top collector too! I hoard them all year and wait for the competition towards the end of the year! I might be silly and just buy the brand that has them, even if it is a tiny bit cheaper.

  3. Ive been keeping my eyes peeled for Box Tops already too! Nothing like "free money" for schools with so little effort as clipping tabs.

  4. Cute pictures! We are avid collectors of box tops for Mason's school! I have our family saving them for us, too.


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