Too Hot....

July 27, 2016

We are dying over here. It's too hot and humid to do anything. So my motivation is at a zero. The kids are feeling it too and are ready for it to cool down so we can play outside. In the meantime we'll be eating popsicles for breakfast. And lunch. And maybe dinner too. 

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6 Responses to “Too Hot....”

  1. It is UNREAL here ... we've had temps int he high 90s, and heat indices of 110-115 for two weeks straight. I don't even want to walk to my car!

  2. GIRL - same here!! I'm in GA and LAWD, I think this has been one of our hottest summers evarrrr. I mean, temps near and above 100 with nearly 100% humidity and no rain every day is just terrible. TERRIBLE. I hear the pumpkins and crisp fall leaves calling my name!

  3. It's miserable. Can't even go outside.

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  5. I hear ya with the humidity! Ours has been killer this year and my hair is not having it! lol! Your littles are adorable! Glad I ran into your blog!

  6. Same here! It's triple digits and just plain miserable. And it doesn't really cool off here until mid-October. Ughh! Sadie sure is cute though!


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