The family that laughs together....

June 14, 2016

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The family that laughs together, stays together! And we sure do a lot of laughing in our house!

 photo 38.jpg

In honor of Sadie's birthday, we had some updated family photos taken. And they turned out beautiful. Which is a miracle because it was hot, humid, almost bedtime for both kids, and Hudson flat out refused to put down his toy. So you'll see Chase, the Rescue Bot, in all of the photos. But hey, that's our life right it works!

 photo 10.jpg

This boy has my whole heart wrapped around his little finger. And he knows it.

 photo 7.jpg

This might be my absolute favorite of all time.

 photo 18.jpg

Or maybe this is my favorite. Something about watching my man love on my baby girl just kills me. 

 photo 32.jpg

That tongue though.

 photo 36.jpg

I still can't believe she's one!

 photo 11.jpg

Love this crazy family of mine. 

 photo 26.jpg

More rescue bot love. 

 photo 35.jpg
 photo 12.jpg

Sorry, I'm not sorry about all the photos!

All photos by Katie B. Photography 

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18 Responses to “The family that laughs together....”

  1. Gorgeous photos and gorgeous family, bot and all.

  2. Gorgeous photos. You definitely got some good ones and I think it makes pictures even cuter if the kids are holding their favorite toy.

  3. Absolutely beautiful!! They would all be faves of mine. Too hard to pick just one or two or even three.

  4. Such a beautiful family!! These all turned out gorgeous!

  5. These are gorgeous.

  6. Such beautiful photos, sweet friend! Love them all:) I am having a hard time believing that we all have one year olds now too. Wasn't our little group of blogger friends all JUST pregnant and preparing for our babies? And now we have toddlers? WHAT? Time just flies.

  7. Beautiful! Happy first birthday to Sadie! I feel like I was just reading your bump updates yesterday!

  8. I can't believe she is one either!!

    These are all amazing. Time to update the gallery walls!! :)

  9. Oh em gee..I can't even with these. They turned out absolutely gorgeous!! Love love love love. Now I need more family photos.

  10. Perfection! You guys are the happiest cutest family ever!!!!

  11. Julie, these are beautiful! Sadie in that flower crown just takes the cake!

  12. I love your family photos! So beautiful!

  13. These are absolutely stunning! What a beautiful family.

  14. LOVE that one of you and Hudson! And the one of you and Sadie. They are all beautiful pictures!

  15. Wow, your baby girl just looks like an angel!yellow shower curtains

  16. What a scary time!!! So thankful that Sadie is ok!!!

  17. BEAUTIFUL!!! I love that Hudson has a car in his hand...BOYS! :)


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