Redheads have more fun

May 2, 2016

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Redheads totally have more fun.....

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...and the same can be said about soon-to-be redheads too.

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Sadie pretty much brings the party wherever she goes. Having a girl is so much fun. Dressing her up, watching her learn, playing with doesn't get much better.

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Now that I'm a girl mom I get to do fun things I've never done before too, like collaborate on a headband set! Aren't these cute? I worked with Jenna from Bumbelou to design this super fun bow collection and I'm obsessed with how cute they turned out! 

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The blossom we designed is just too sweet on my sweet girl. 

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And yep...she's eating dirt....again. This girl, I tell ya. 

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I selected these fabrics for the bows because I wanted something bright and fun, yet still neutral enough that the would go with any outfit. And if you know me, you know I'm obsessed with polka dots....they totally complete Sadie's look. And the dalmatian print is my absolute favorite!

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And this sweet coral and gold blossom goes with EVERYTHING!

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This special trio of bows is available this week ONLY (May 2 - May 8) at Bumbelou! You can get them on a one size fits all headband or on a clip. Use code "SAVEWITHJULIE" for 10% off you order. I know you will love them as much as we do! And be sure to tag me in your photos if you buy a set so I can see your darling little ones rocking these bows!

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12 Responses to “Redheads have more fun”

  1. SO cute! All of my friends seem to be having boys this time around, but I'll keep these in mind next time a girl pops up on the radar :-) And I adoreeee your soon-to-be-redhead baby. I keep telling my husband that I'm determined to have a redhead baby :-)

  2. She's darling!! As a mama of 2 red headed boys I'm so partial to red heads! How fun to get to dress a girl.. Maybe one day I'll have a red headed baby girl to play dress up with!

  3. Oh my goodness gracious. HER.FACE. I always wanted to be a redhead and desperately wanted a redheaded baby! My first had the most beautiful red fuzz for the first 3 months.

  4. awe! love the set! and love this pictures of ms sadie!!

  5. Omg!! I love all three so much!!! Sadie looks so adorable!

  6. I love them alllll!! But that dalmatian print. SO MUCH YES.

  7. Oh goodness...these are darling!!! I love that little bloom! And can I just say--I miss baby headbands!!!

  8. Such sweet bows! It goes without saying though that Sadie is the star of this show!

  9. She is such a doll! And the bows are precious.

  10. LOVE redheaded baby girls!! Sadie is so cute with her headbands and red fuzz!

  11. Redheads do have more fun! :)
    Such cute bows! And adorable baby of course!


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