Do all the things...except walk

May 26, 2016

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It's happened. We've reach that point where Sadie wants to be everywhere and do everything that Hudson does....except minus one important skill: Walking. Girlfriend wants to do all the things...but could care less about actually walking while doing them. 

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I didn't go through this with Hudson. First, he was our only child so he didn't have anyone to follow around like a puppy dog. Except, the actual puppy dog. Second, he was walking before he turned 11 months old, so it was basically a non issue.

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But Sadie is perfectly content to crawl, scoot, and climb through just about anything. Dirt, a public street, mud, grass, through old leaves, up stairs, on furniture. times! She does not mind getting dirty one bit. And I've become accustomed to her wearing out the knees in all her leggings and pajamas.

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I know she'll walk when she's ready...but she better wise up because it's now official shorts season and banged up crawler's knees are totally out.

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10 Responses to “Do all the things...except walk”

  1. It's so amazing to see how the second child will do anything to keep up. Emmy has always been the same way. I know it's going to drive her brother nuts when they are a little older. She walked at a year old but goodness is she still constantly a dirty mess and the amount of stain fighting I do is crazy.

  2. yes my baby boy will be 1 in 2 weeks and doesn't want to walk as soon as we try to get him to walk he will sit down instead. I guess they will do it when they are ready!!

  3. I see skinned knees in your future. E finally decided to walk some, but as soon as she falls she prefers to crawl. Oh well.

  4. Same here! My daughter turned 1 this week and has no desire to walk. She gets so upset if I try to get her to walk on the walker, but she will cruise along the furniture. My almost 3 year old was walking at 11 months as well. I thought the second one was suppose to do things earlier than the 1st kiddo!

  5. Both my guys started walking around 14 months...I thought Wyatt would be fast to catch up with his brother but nope! He was the same as Sadie, perfectly content with crawling. Our friends had a similar situation where their first walked super early and their second wasn't walking by 12 months. They were freaking out! But it clicked shortly after turning a year!

  6. Oh but look at how cute she is!! Mason didn’t walk until he was 13 months old!

  7. We had some slow walkers for both of our babies... neither of them started walking until 15 months! But that definitely doesn't mean that they weren't EVERYWHERE before they were walking!

  8. My oldest walked at 19 months! She was totally capable of walking so the doctor did not recommend physical therapy (though I honestly was wishing for that by then!!). She walked when she was ready. My second was pretty much as expected...right before her 1st bday. Kids are so funny, but she'll walk when she's ready!!!

  9. Noah was a late walker (14 months for first steps but not really walking to 15 months). But since he was our first he just got carried everywhere and didn't want to get dirty. Skinned knees are definitely in your future!

  10. Oh my, the horrid memories of those bruised and scraped knees and stained pants!! Both my girls only walked at 14 months and I was begging for it from 10 months... x


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