Boys like dressing up too

May 27, 2016

I love this boy. Having a boy means trucks, dirt, light saber fights, lots of running and jumping, and constant love and affection. One little smile and he just kills me. Hudson has me wrapped around his little finger. And he knows it. 

One thing I didn't know about boys is that they can be pretty picky about their clothes. Everything I heard about having a boy was the complete opposite. Hudson is super opinionated on his has to be comfortable, fashionable, and be either blue, green, "super cool", or have a dinosaur, rocket ship, or truck on it. I never imagined that a boy could be so particular......

So, needless to say, sometimes shopping for Hudson can be hard. There is a lot of cute stuff out there for boys but I'm a busy mom, so finding the time to shop at the mall or at a store is HARD! Especially if Hudson is with me...because he is his mama's boy and wants to buy all the things. Ha. 

We recently discovered Kidbox, a style delivery service just for kids! Kidbox is not a subscription service, but instead is a way for kids and parents to discover fun clothes and styles together, without all the drama of shopping!

Isn't that such a cool idea? Hudson received this outfit in his box and it quickly became his new favorite. 

It's blue AND it has a hood! And it's super soft. Seeing him in a sleeveless top is killing me!

How Kidbox works is you log in and tell them all about your child. What size they wear, their age, what their style is, where you typically shop, and any dislikes they may have. Then Kidbox creates a special box just for your child and sends it to them in the mail!

Each box includes 6-7 items for $98. They also send along a special surprise for your child! We got stickers, crayons, and a fun paper ball that Hudson got to unravel to reveal a prize!

He loved unwrapping the surprise ball SO much. He's still talking about it!

The best thing about our Kidbox is that Hudson approved of every single item. And put them on right away. I love that the items they sent are very high quality (we received Polo, Lucky, and 7 for All Mankind in our box). 

You can keep all of your items for $98, which is a terrific deal. Or you can send back anything you don't love. AND if you need a different size you can swap it out for free! They include a shipping envelop and pre-paid postage. This is awesome for us because it makes the whole shopping process a breeze! 

Another cool thing about Kidbox is that they teach kids to give back! Every time you purchase a box, Kidbox donates new clothing to a kid in need. Isn't that cool? You can log in to the system with your child and select a cause to donate to. They've partnered with the non-profit K.I.D.S/Fashion Delivers to give back to needy families. I love this part of Kidbox because it encourages parents to talk about helping and serving others.

Here are three of the outfits we received....

And three more! We ordered a toddler box so we received 6 whole outfits (6 bottoms and 6 tops) for only $98! 

To share the joy of unpacking happiness together, Kidbox is giving away a year of clothes to one winner each month, plus they'll send outfits to an additional 5 children in need.

To Enter: Take a photo or video of your child unpacking happiness—opening their Kidbox, a special gift they received, or sharing a special gift with a friend—and share it on Instagram or Facebook with the hashtag #UnpackHappy, #Kidbox and @Kidbox (Instagram) or @KidboxFamily (Facebook). You can enter once per day each month for extra chances to win!

This post is brought to you by The Motherhood and Kidbox, but my love for our Kidbox is all my own. Thank you for supporting brands that make this blog possible. 

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4 Responses to “Boys like dressing up too”

  1. So cute! Noah is super picky about his clothes too! Elastic waists and graphic tees are his favorite though I've slowly gotten him into striped and solid tees recently ;)

  2. He is such a cutie!!!

  3. hudson is always stylish……and opinionated!!


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