A day in the life

May 4, 2016

Hey hey! After reading the feedback on this post, it looks like most of you want to know more about just normal every day life over in my neck of the woods...which really isn't surprising, since that's exactly the kind of stuff I want to read on your blogs too. So, day in the life post coming right up! This was just a typical week day, documented on my iPhone. 

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5:15 a.m. Up and at em. Many of you asked how I manage to get my work done from home with two little kids running around....and this is my best solution. Wake up before everyone else is up. On nights when I'm up multiple times with one of the kids I usually give myself a pass on waking up early....but if I get a decent amount of sleep I'll get up at 5:15. This morning I was only up briefly with Sadie around midnight, so waking at 5:15 wasn't too hard. But it was still hard, don't get me wrong! I poured myself a cup of tea, threw some laundry in the wash, and then fire up my laptop and get to work. I worked for about an hour and a half...it's crazy how much I can get done when I don't have a someone interrupting me every two minutes!

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6:45 a.m. I throw the laundry in the dryer and stuff some Easter eggs. Easter has been over for a month yet Hudson asks for eggs EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. He only gets them if he sleeps all night in his bed...and last night he did! So I stuff a few eggs with the stretchy animals he loves and some m&ms and hide them around the living room. Then I hear Sadie talking to herself on the monitor. She always wakes up so happy....sorry I forgot to snap a photo. I change her then nurse her and finish just in time for Hudson to wake up at 7am. 

Then it's green smoothie time for Hudson (recipe coming this week!) plus a little Netflix action. Today he's all about dinosaurs. Sadie eats her breakfast while I clean up the smoothie stuff. 

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7:45 a.m. and it's time to get Hudson ready for school. Some days he's excited and it's easy to get him going and some days he just wants to snuggle on the couch. On this day he was SO mad at me for asking him to wear two shoes that matched. He put my red boot on and had a little fit when I took it off of him. Three year olds are fun like that. 

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Hudson was sure to remind me just how mad he was the ENTIRE ride to school. Stinker. Sadie and I drop him off at 8:30 and then head back home. I used to run errands with Sadie while Hudson was in school and just let Sadie nap in the car. But now that she's bigger and has a more consistent nap schedule I take her straight home after drop off. I have to keep her constantly entertained with snacks and toys while she's in the car to avoid that pesky car nap!

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Sadie and I get home and fold some laundry. I've found it easiest to do one load of laundry a day. That way it doesn't pile up and overwhelm me. My mom is always shocked at the amount of laundry we have. IT NEVER ENDS. And Sadie "helps" by putting every single piece of laundry on top of her head. Silly girl. 

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Then it's nap time! My favorite time of the day! Sadie usually goes down around 9:30/9:45 a.m. and sleeps for about an hour and a half.

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As soon as she's asleep I run around like a crazy person cleaning up any messes we made and get myself ready. I curl my hair and throw on a little makeup...it all takes about 15 minutes and makes me feel somewhat put together. I shower at night...otherwise it probably wouldn't get done.

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Then I sit down to do a little photo editing for this post while I catch up on one of my favorite shows, Grey's Anatomy. I just can't quit it. Before I know it Sadie is chatting away on the baby monitor and ready to get up! I change her and we play for a few minutes before it's time to go pick Hudson up from school. He's only there for 3 hours and the time seriously FLYS by!

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I pick Hudson up and for some reason his hands are pink. Awesome. He begs to go somewhere but I'm hungry and it's lunch time, so we head home. 

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Lunch for Sadie...that little hand just kills me. 

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Sadie playing with her food, Hudson not eating his food, and my sandwich....which I eat standing up while chopping up more food for the kid that will actually eat and trying to reason with the kid that won't eat. My mom pops over (she lives next to me!) and asks if I'm going to eat that entire sandwich and I'm like "hell yeah!" but I actually only end up eating half plus some grapes. But dang, it was good. 

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I clean up after lunch while these two crazies play. Hudson gets a taste of what it's like to be a mommy when Sadie follows him in to the bathroom. No privacy around here. And yes...she's still in her jammies. 

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I get Sadie dressed and ask my mom to snap some photos of the three of us. Neither kid cooperates but we still manage to get a few cute ones. Also, I have to document that I did my hair, makeup, AND got dressed today. #winning

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Hudson still wants to go somewhere so we venture out to Hobby Lobby with my mom. Hudson is tired and whines the entire time we are there. So that was fun. We head home for a nap and he makes sure I know that he would rather be going to Target (so would I buddy) but I'm not that crazy. 

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2:00ish we get home and I put Sadie down for a nap. Usually Hudson has "rest time" in our bed while I put Sadie down and have a little alone time myself but today I decide to join him. A little one-on-one time does us both good and improves his mood a ton. 

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3:30 p.m. and Sadie is up from her nap. We play with toys, draw, read books, and basically just have fun for a little while. 

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4:30 p.m. Jon texts me and reminds me that he's meeting a friend after work. I totally forgot about it so I do what any good mom would do: pour myself a glass of wine. Then I start dinner (spaghetti) while the kids play some more. 

Usually my husband is home and we tag team playing with the kids, getting dinner ready, cleaning up, and getting ready for bed. But since I'm running solo tonight, I leave the dishes and get both kids ready for bed by myself. Thank God my mom is close by and she entertains Hudson while I put Sadie to bed. 

And no pictures at this point because, hello, I'm exhausted! 

I get Hudson to bed and then celebrate.....

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with a microwave s'more and watching Reign (my new favorite!) on Netflix. 

9:00 p.m. and I shower, straighten up a bit, and fall in to bed. 

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23 Responses to “A day in the life”

  1. Your house is so cute! Where is the kid's table and chair from? We were given a table that was my husband's growing up (so therefore have to keep) but they only kept one chair which obviously goes over well with my two little ones! I have been trying to find kid's chairs that are sturdy and white to go with the table. Thanks!

    1. Thanks Kelly! The table and chairs are from Toys R Us!

  2. I;m exhausted just reading this! But love that you make it work.

  3. I love these posts. I just did one today too and our days are eerily similar! Must be life with two small kids and being a SAHM! The dreaded car nap in the morning kills me.. I've gone to lengths of rolling down the window to keep my
    Little awake. I'm so mean!

  4. I agree with Lynn! So tired I yawned!
    I cannot wait until my youngest niece is 3 and has meltdowns like Hudson. She has some epic ones now at 2. I think they're hilarious. I know some get embarrassed or afraid others think they don't raise their kids well but dang it. Every kid has tantrums. Finding the funny in them makes it easier, I think.
    And I'm like Hudson, I want to go to Target too.

  5. So real...it took me back to when mu kids were that young!!! They are teenagers now...great way to let us know how your day goes. Your children are beautiful and your home looks amazing! I am digging your stove, I have one of those ceramic top stoves and I totally hate it, but it came with the house therefore no need to spend any $ getting another one...but it sucks :)

  6. I love these posts so much! It was fun getting a glimpse of "real life" :) Your kids are so cute!!

  7. Wow! Such a busy yet productive day! So fun you have your mom so close to be able to help during the day and I bet she (and Hudson and Sadie!) love being able to see each other so often!

  8. Your day sounds a lot like my Fridays at home with the kids. Having a toddler and a baby is exhausting, no doubt about it! I too pour myself a glass of wine by about 4 pm those days :) Love that your mom is so close; that sounds amazing!

  9. This was fun to read - I love reading about how other moms structure their days (although I know most days feel like a free-for-all!), especially work from home moms. :) Thanks for sharing where the table and chairs are from, I was going to ask the same question! They look so sturdy. Sadie's crib and wall color look identical to my daughter's - love the glowy pink!

    Have a great day!

  10. I loved reading this! And while I don't have two kiddos, I am all about that 4:30 wine ;)

  11. I love this! Day in the Life are my favorites. It's so fun to get a glimpse of what other people's days are like. :)

  12. Must be a second child thing, or a girl thing...Stella is always in jammies. ha! And I'm impressed, you made a real dinner when you're husbands out. I would've opted for something really healthy, like chicken nuggets. ;)

    1. Oh yeah, I thought that too! When Jim isn't around I'm like, "Soooo who wants cereal?!"

  13. Sounds a lot like my day, just without the second kid who naps ;). Flying solo at dinner time can be hard... I feel like I do it more than I'd like!

  14. 5:15 am. No way, no how. Lol. I get up when my kiddos do and they sleep "late" for kids. I have yet to find the proper motivation to get up early. I just stay up late instead. On that note, I am also a night time showerer. It just doesn't happen during the day!

  15. What a day!! Your day sounds a lot like ours. I love seeing a little bit of what other moms do!

  16. Haha! I can't tell you how many times Jack stays in his jams because it's just easy... & why dirty more clothes!? Lol! Sounds like you have a pretty solid schedule though!! I need to be better about getting up early & tossing in laundry each day!!

  17. I used to be a morning showerer {new word}, but since Wyatt it's at night or not at all. haha!

  18. I love these posts - as a fellow SAHM, a busy day in the life!! x

  19. This is my life! Wake up early, do this while someone's entertained/napping, maybe eating, maybe get dressed, a little errand and help from my mom! Ha! Days FLY by!! Love your house, by the way, It turned out SO GORGEOUS!

  20. Ha, I love that you are still fillings eggs for Hudson! And our days sound so similar, except I never never wake before my kids. I like sleep too much! And I also nap with Finn while Liam is at school.


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