That time we almost got a cow....

April 14, 2016

I mean, not really.....but we really wanted a cow. Or at least Hudson did. And I kinda did too.

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On Tuesday Hudson and I went to visit a local dairy farm with some of the mom's in my church group. And it was SO fun. And so stinky......

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They had like over 1,000 cows. And of course Hudson was fearless and walked right up to them. 

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He's never met a farm animal he didn't like. Our favorite part of the day was feeing the baby cows. I cute is she? 

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Totally wanted to take this gal home. She let Hudson pet her and talk to her....and then she tried to lick his face. 

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Seriously the most chill cow ever. I would have gladly taken her home with me...if only she would stay that small. And not smell so bad. 

As soon as we got home I immediately threw all of our clothes in the washing machine. And my hair smelled like barn animal for the rest of the day. But it was fun! Yay cows!

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10 Responses to “That time we almost got a cow....”

  1. awww that cow is adorable! Love that he's so fearless!! Looks like a fun day despite the stink! haha

  2. SO cute! I worked out at the barn a lot in my college years and probably went to most of my classes smelling like a farm animal. Haha. I loved it all though. Looks like a fun preschool-aged field trip idea :)

  3. Love this!! Reminds me of my childhood so much- lots of my family members raise cattle and we LOVED getting to visit them and feed them :) Hudson looks like a natural lil' farmer hehe

  4. Yay cows indeed! Such a fun outing!

  5. How sweet. My boys would have loved seeing all those cows too. It is refreshing to see some happy cow pictures verses all the sad ones streaming the internet.

  6. So stinkin cute! Love how happy Hudson is! too much fun!

  7. Oh my gosh that cow is adorable and I would want to take it home too if not for how they smell!!! So fun!

  8. He gets to go to farm school AND feed baby cows. That's it I am requesting to be Hudson in my next life!

  9. Aww I love that Hudson loves farm animals! & of course she wanted to lick that sweet face!! Haha!

  10. I want a dairy cow too! What a fun time. Great pictures!!


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