Love at First Floss

April 18, 2016

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Happy Monday friends! Today I want to talk about the teeth brushing battle. I love to brush my kid's teeth...said by no one ever. Anybody else have this problem? Every day Hudson and I battle over brushing those pearly whites. He wants to do it himself...which basically means chew on the tooth brush and mess around. Usually he'll let me help, but sometimes he refuses. And flossing? Forget about it. Aren't three year olds so much fun? 

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But we just discovered something that has made flossing fun for Hudson! So yay!

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We started using Plackers Kids Flossers and Hudson loves them! They are fruit flavored and come in fun colors. AND they make a "Flosser Friend" who stores all of the flossers in his mouth. 

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The Flosser Friend is the only reason my son will floss his teeth. Because apparently flossing is more fun with a friend. 

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So Hudson is officially a teeth flosser now. Yay! I could just kiss that little orange and purple monster! Who knew something so simple (and cute) would be the answer to our problem.

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See what I mean. He thinks it's a game and loves to pick out a new flosser every night. 

So, if you are struggling with getting your child to floss, I highly recommend Plackers Flossers and the Flosser Friend. Additional information about dental health and Plackers Kids Flossers can be found here

*All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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9 Responses to “Love at First Floss”

  1. I will definitely be getting those flossers for my babies!

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  3. Cute! Noah does well when I brush his teeth but puts up a fight when my husband does it. He got some flossers at the dentist that he doesn't mind, but I have to admit I'm bad at making it part of our routine!

  4. We've been using a similar animal flosser and its turned around our whole teeth brushing situation at night!

  5. Hudson is just too cute….love the second pic with his little face in the mirror!!

  6. What a great idea! I don't have kids yet but maybe those could motivate me to floss more! :)

  7. Can I ask what type of bathroom sink you used in this bathroom? We are currently building and Im nervous about nice things in a young kids' bathroom! ha! I see you went with white cabinets, which i'm considering, but what type of countertop is that? Thanks!


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