March 28, 2016

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Is your blog roll filled with Easter re-caps? I'm sorry to add one more.....except I only took a handful of photos this weekend. Sadie and I were feeling all sorts of crummy on Sunday....so we skipped church in favor of taking a nap (and not infecting any other babies). The highlight of the weekend (besides celebrating Jesus!) was that Hudson got to hunt eggs not once but FOUR times! Holy cow bunny.

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Let me back up. On Saturday, the kids and I went over to a friend's house for an Easter Egg hunt and surprise piƱata! I love how the other kids are SO OVER the photo taking in this shot and Hudson's like, I know the drill, my mommy's a blogger. Anyway, my friend Tamsen put everything together and we had so much fun! The Easter Bunny visited her house early and hid eggs by color for each child and hid the exact same amount for each kid, so everyone was happy. That's one smart bunny. 

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Hudson woke up on Easter morning super early asking if the Easter Bunny had come yet? And did he hide eggs? And leave presents???? And oh my gosh he was so excited! Somehow we got him to sleep for another hour so that my husband EB could get to work. And man, did he have the most fun ever. The Easter Bunny did good. 

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And this girl had fun stealing her brother's eggs and trying to stuff jelly beans and m&ms in her mouth when she thought we weren't looking. Stinker.

The rest of Sunday was spent with family enjoying two more egg hunts and a yummy Easter Lunch. 

And now I'm off to Target to scope out the after-Easter sales. #winning

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12 Responses to “Eastering”

  1. That first picture of you and Sadie is so darling!!! We might head to Target this afternoon too ;) Hope you're feeling better!

  2. What a fun weekend- four egg hunts?! That's a kids dream, hehe! I cannot believe how big Hudson looks in that first photo- he is turning into quite the little man!

  3. I love e first picture and how happy Hudson looks. Ha ha! The picture of you and Sadie is adorable. Sorry you felt kind of crummy but glad you had a great day.

  4. Include us at Target, too ;)

  5. The second picture is too funny, ha love it. Way to go Hudson. Aria does that too. Pros.

  6. Hudson IS a photo pro! It was similar to Noah with his cousins. I'm there bribing Noah saying give me one good photo and you can go play while my brother and sister in law are like, is this really a big deal and necessary!

  7. Sorry you girls weren't feeling well! :( But glad you were able to squeeze in some fun and celebrating nonetheless.

  8. Hope you and Sadie are feeling better now, sweet girl! And glad Hudson got to rock some Easter egg hunting over the weekend. He is looking so stinking big!

  9. You have the most beautiful children, Julie!

  10. It sounds like a wonderful Easter! And yes, I'm with ya on checking out those day after holiday sales! I did good last year and am hoping to make a trip soon to see what they have :)

  11. The kids are too cute! XOXO
    I hope you're feeling better!


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