California Adventures

March 7, 2016

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Hey Friends! Yes, I'm still alive! Sorry for the lack of posting lately.....if you follow me on Instagram then you know we've been in California visiting friends and family! We made it out of Michigan just in time to miss two big snow storms (YES!!!) so our trip was timed just right. We still don't have internet at our new house (FYI, if you are building a new home sometimes getting internet and cable hooked up can take 6 months. It sure would have been nice if someone told us that, you know, 6 months ago. So fingers crossed we get hooked up soon because I'm missing important things like blogging and Fuller House.)

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Anyway, as most of you know I grew up in Southern California so we go back to visit whenever we have an excuse...and this time it was one of my childhood bestie's wedding! Rebecca (the bride), Erika, and I have been friends since we were 5 years old. Rebecca's dress was amazing and she looked stunning. Each bridesmaid got to choose their own gold gown which was so much fun! I got mine from Rent the Runway and was so happy when it arrived to our hotel and actually fit! Talk about stress! The wedding was GORGEOUS and I got absolutely zero photos thanks to being super tired from traveling with kids and having to leave the reception for an hour to tend to not one but two screaming children. So...that was fun? Regardless Jon and I had a great time celebrating the newlyweds. I'll post pics once I get them from the bride....because I'm sure they are epic!

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After the wedding we hopped on over to see my family and attend a baby shower for my cousin's wife, Megean. Here she is with the soon to be Grandma (and my Aunt) Donna.

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 And my cousin John with Sadie! This was the first time my family got to meet her, so it was extra sweet. 

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During our trip we also visited my childhood home, which my mom still owns.

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Isn't it the cutest house ever? We LOVE our old house so much and miss it like crazy. 

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Towards the end of the trip we spent the afternoon with my Uncle Dennis, Aunt Ginny, and Aunt Donna at the beach. Hudson's little mind was blown. He had a blast running in and out of the freezing cold water and collecting seashells with my aunt. Sadie even got in on the fun with my uncle, who is such an amazing grandpa!

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It was so fun seeing my family love on my kids.

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We had such a fun time...but we were ready to be home! Traveling with two little kids is no joke. We also took Hudson to Disneyland AND California Adventure....because we are crazy?....but that deserves it's own post so I'll share all about our fun later in the week!

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10 Responses to “California Adventures”

  1. Traveling with kids is no joke! A friend of mine said it right... Traveling with kids isn't a vacation, it's just a trip ;). And your dress was beautiful! How nice to be able to wear any gold dress. Though I think I would have been a nervous wreck worrying if the dress was gonna fit right!

  2. Your dress was beautiful! Looks like an amazing trip with so many special memories.

  3. I love your dress! And you're so brave for traveling with two littles AND doing Disneyland..crazy talk!

  4. That's why it rained yesterday. Whenever someone is in town from back east or midwest we get blessed with rain. Hope your trip was great, looks like you had a blast.

  5. What a great trip!! Love that you got to visit your old home!!

  6. HUdson's face at the beach is ADORABLE!

  7. I loved following along with all of your snaps! It looked like it was such a great time for you guys.

  8. Sounds like an action-packed vacation! Maybe a vacation from the vacation is in order? ;) Can't wait to read all about Disneyland!

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