Sadie Mae: 8 Months

February 10, 2016

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Oh my goodness, my baby is 8 months old! Time needs to slow down asap. Know who else needs to slow down? This girl. Sadie's been crawling for over a month now and nothing is going to get in her way. She's also doing this one leg sticking out thing.....which is probably less of a 90's cheerleading move and more of a "I want to stand up NOW" kind of move. See what I mean about her needing to slow down?

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Sadie's biggest developments this month have been perfecting the speed crawl, lots of babbling, and eating puffs. Girlfriend is either starving and wants to eat all the food or could absolutely care less. I think she gets that from me. When she's in the mood she likes puffs, oatmeal, peas, applesauce, bananas, and prunes. Sadie's still breastfeed on demand. She loves her some milk.

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Oh, and she loves to clap. And we love to watch her do it.

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She typically sleeps 8pm-7am and is up once during the night to nurse. Sometimes she sleeps all night without waking! And I'm happy to report that naps have finally improved...mostly. If we are home and I can distract Hudson long enough to get her to sleep, she'll nap in her crib for 1-2 hours, two times a day. But since she's a second child, we are rarely home all day. It's funny, because I remember scheduling EVERYTHING around Hudson's nap schedule. This poor girl just has to go with the flow as we hustle around town for her big brother's activities. She's perfected the nap in the car.

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Sadie's a mama's girl for sure and is happiest when I'm holding her. But she has major heart eyes for her daddy and her brother. I love the way she loves Hudson. Her eyes light up when he talks to her and he is such a big helper, especially when Sadie's upset. Hudson can cheer her up and make her smile like no one else can.

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Sadie has a cold and runny nose right now, which means she only wants to nap while I'm holding her. I would happily oblige and hold her all day long....except Hudson wouldn't be too happy about that. The "Babies Don't Keep" poem usually makes me cry, but right now I just have to laugh at the "so quiet down cobwebs, dust go to sleep" should really read, "so quiet down toddlers"...because he just can't seem to be quiet when I'm rocking her ever.

I have no clue of her height and weight.......but I have a feeling she's right on track with her big brother at this age.

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Hudson calls her "baby Sadie" or "Sadie Mae" and it's just about the cutest thing ever. We just love this girl to pieces. She's the perfect fit to our little family. Happy 8 months Sadie girl!

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16 Responses to “Sadie Mae: 8 Months”

  1. She's getting so big!!!! Happy 8 months sweet Sadie!

  2. What a punkin'! Happy 8 Months Sadie!

  3. I have serious cute aggression over her! Her toesies are just so cute!

  4. She is just so scrumptious! Babies clapping is so dang cute and sweet. xx

  5. She is a Beauty... :-) Happy 8 months Cutie Pie!

  6. 8 months already! Man time certainly is going at lightening speed these days. She's adorable:)

  7. I want to jump through the computer screen and squeeze her!!! These 2nd babies do everything so quickly, don't they?!?

  8. Goodness she is just so LOVABLE! and the clapping seriously NEVER gets old.

  9. Oh my stars I positively adore that little girl! These pictures are wonderful- she's too precious!

  10. You lucky duck you with your good sleeper!

  11. She is the cutest thing! And so much like my Emmy! The napping and nursing sounds so much like her and either wanting to eat everything or nothing. Silly girls!

  12. How did this happen? I can totally relate to the big brother interfering...Cam could care less about Louise's nursery, except when I'm getting her to sleep. I feel bad shushing him and tell him to get out, but come one! Ha! I can't believe how much she's moving...she'll be running after Hudson in no time!

  13. She is SO cute! My mom just sent me that same gray dress/shirt for my little girl!

  14. Such a cutie! How did our babies suddenly turn eight months?! Time needs to slow down! It's so funny that she either want so eat right now or not at all, Oliver is the same way. I feel like his eating and nursing habits are just one big guessing game. Is he hungry? Not hungry? How much will he eat? Oh babies. Sheesh. It's a good thing they're cute ;)

  15. OK seriously. She's precious! :) Isn't it funny how different second babies are so different from the first time around? Tyler is such a busy body and is going to be crawling earlier than Weston did, I jjust know it! I love watching how much they love each other too! So sweet! :)


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