My bag....also known as my life

January 26, 2016

Everything is in my bag. My whole life is in my bag. Can anyone relate? I'm sure if you are mom you can. Every time my husband picks up my bag he remarks how heavy it is. But really, I NEED everything that's in there. I would be lost without it.

When I had Hudson I searched and searched for the perfect bag, but never found it. I didn't like any of the typical "diaper bags" because they just weren't me. I usually ended up just buying a giant purse and stuffing all of my junk in it and calling it good.

But then I discovered the most perfect diaper bag ever by Lily Jade. When I went to California for work, my boss Alissa had the Meggan and it was so lovely....I seriously sat in the back of her car and held it in my lap and just was in awe. I knew I needed some Lily Jade in my life asap.

On a daily basis I carry around the following items:
change of clothes for Sadie
change of clothes + undies + socks for Hudson
changing pad
burp cloth
baby wipes
Covered Goods nursing/carseat/shopping cart cover
baby toy
hand sanitizer
make-up and chapstick
snacks: apple sauce pouches, granola bar, fruit snacks
candy....for bribes
phone charger + portable battery
...and at any given time random coupons, receipts, grocery lists. 

So basically I'm obsessed with my Meggan diaper bag by Lily Jade. I love all of the compartments....there's a spot for everything I need to carry around as a mom. And I mean everything. No more digging around in my bag for a snack for Hudson...I now know exactly where it is. And the insert is I can take all of the baby stuff out of my bag for a fun night out.....or even put the insert in a different bag. I LOVE that it doesn't look like a diaper bag! And it's so soft and well made...I know I will use it for a long time.

Fun fact about me: I use baby wipes for basically everything. Wipe up spit up? Clean tables when we go to dinner? Wipe sticky hands? Clean the dashboard of my car? Check, check, check. Anyone with me?

Sadie loves her a cute bag....she's always getting in to it. Stinker.

What's your favorite diaper bag?

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11 Responses to “My bag....also known as my life”

  1. I've always heard great things bout these bags so it was fun to see your thoughts on them. I also carry around a ton of stuff so that I'm always prepared so I'm going to have to look into this brand. I know my bag will need to do double time this Spring when #2 arrives! Sadie is a smart girl knowing a great bag when she sees one :)

  2. I've heard such great things about Lily Jade. I purchased a Mud Pie bag when I was pregnant with Vivian, and I do love it. BUT it still looks like a diaper bag (albeit a cute one!) and it would sure be nice to have a bag that looks like a purse but functions as both. Sounds brilliant to me!:)

  3. I love your new diaper bag! So awesome that there is a removable insert! That alone puts it above the rest. I bought a canvas Marc Jacobs diaper bag this time and I LOVE it to pieces! It has so many compartments and its machine washable!

  4. I love this! I feel like with only a 3 year old I can't justify another diaper bag, but I am tempted! Right now I have a backpack bag and love it especially since it's gives me two hands free!

  5. Love it!! I've had the PPB Boxy Backpack since Arden, which I really like--but I could even use a little more space ;) And I'm pretty sure I'll be buying wipes long after my kids are out of diapers!!!

  6. A removable insert is pretty brilliant! I don't even want to know how many stale cheerios are in the bottom of my compartments!

  7. My friend and I were just saying today how we will forever carry wipes around with us even when the kids dont need them anymore because theyre great for everything!

  8. I love that bag! I never really found a diaper bag I liked either. This looks perfect. And hello, Sadie?!?!? Adorable!

  9. Could Sadie be any cuter? And that's a great bag! It fits so much stuff in there!!

  10. That is an AMAZING bag!!! It looks like it fits so much stuff. Finding enough room in my bag is always a struggle!

  11. Cute mama, cute baby, cute bag!


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