Hey There Friday

January 29, 2016

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{one} Clap your hands if you love Fridays! We sure do! Sadie has started clapping her hands and it is just about the cutest thing that I have ever seen.

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She thinks she's pretty cool. She can clap. Crawl. Pull her self up. SLOW DOWN sweet girl. Mama's heart can't handle this speediness. 

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{two} Sometimes I just stare at my children and it takes my breath away. I still can't believe they're mine. Like what did I do to deserve such a great gift? Does anyone else do that? I don't mean to be sappy but they give me ALL THE FEELS.

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{three} Our house is almost done. We have final walk throughs next week! If all goes well the house will be ours. Yay! It doesn't really feel real at this point. I guess I should start packing (again!) right? Also, side note, I do NOT recommend building a house when you are super pregnant/have a newborn baby. We picked out everything months ago and I totally couldn't remember our selections. Things started coming in and I was like "wow! I picked that? I LOVE IT!" and sometimes "um...what was I thinking?" Luckily, mistakes were very few (toilet I hated, Sadie's paint color was awful etc.) and they weren't too hard to fix. I have a few more building a house blog posts to share with all of you and I'll be sure to let  you know what I would have done differently, now that the house is done!

{four} I've been having marathon Scandal watching parties (by myself, in my pajamas, staying up way past my bedtime) and I'm almost done with season 4. I'm obsessed with this show and I hope I can find season 5 online because otherwise I'll go through withdrawal! Hulu has it but not all of the episodes are on there and I don't think I can wait for it to be on Netflix. #firstworldproblems Also, what should I watch once I'm caught up? I need some good recommendations! (besides Gilmore Girls and Parenthood which I know are fan favorites....I have already watched those both live and loved them!)

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{five} I promise I'm not going to just blog once or twice a week. At least I'll try. Working from home + caring for two kids + building the house has all kind of kicked my booty. I'm ready for things to calm down a little bit, even though I know that's probably months and months away. Thank you for sticking around. My goal is to catch up on blogs today, so you might see me popping in and commenting!

Have a great weekend!
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17 Responses to “Hey There Friday”

  1. Season 5 is still on so you could catch up on Hulu and then pick up where we are. I think it returns in a couple of weeks. It's my FAVORITE. I really, really loved Friday Night Lights! :)

  2. I am so excited for you guys and the new house. It's just beautiful, Julie! I can just imagine how tough it is to balance everything right now, so take your time. We will be here when you get back, whenever you can post:) As far as shows go, totally agree with Allison above. FNL was the best (Tim Riggins FOREVER!) B and I have gotten into watching Narcos on Netflix as well, but it's kind of intense, so not sure if that's what you're looking for. Younger on TV Land (I think) is also really fun. You can catch the whole first season on the TV Land website and the second season just started, so you can see those first couple of episodes too. So fun!

  3. Wyatt is over 1 and still cannot clap (or WILL not clap!) and GAH! Look at that kitchen!! Can't wait for the full tour!

  4. Girl. Scandal. I purchased the first four episodes from Amazon prime just so I didn't have to wait then watched the others on abc.com. Best $12 I ever spent. ;)

  5. That bag? Where is it from? And lord we sold and bought a house while I was on maternity leave with E... so stressful

  6. Sadie is so cute- I don't know how you stand it! ;) I look forward to reading more about your home building process. We'd love to build when we're ready to upgrade/move!

  7. So close! I can't wait to see it all together! Sadie is seriously adorable...clapping, crawling and climbing?! WHAT! PS At least once daily, I stare at C and L and wonder how I got these amazing miracles in my house. We are so lucky to have TWO healthy, beautiful children! Now if we can keep it together, they just may grow up to be amazing adults, too (some day...a long, long time from now)! Have a great weekend! xo

  8. unbraekable kimmy schmidt!!!!! its SO GOOD. and your house! i can't wait for you guys to be in there!!!! yay!!!

  9. The Good Wife! I'm watching it on Hulu and it's fantastic! Your kitchen is gorgeous!!!

  10. I loved Scandal! I would recommend Sons of Anarchy (if you like that stuff) Friday night lights, unbreakable kimmy schmidt, Making a murderer. They were all shows that I could not stop binge watching.

  11. Your house looks gorgeous!! and Scandal is so good, like one of my top 5 shows! :)

  12. How exciting that you get to move into your house so soon! And finding the perfect diaper bag is always so nice!

  13. White collar is a really good show to watch!

  14. The new house is gorgeous and will be so fun to decorate but it cannot compare to your sweet, adorable children. I am so thankful that you were able to make the decision to stay home with them (as stressful as that may be some days:)

  15. Woa, Sadie looks so adorable. Wanna hug her so much!!
    An it's good to hear that you are having a new house yay!

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  16. The Good Wife is a fantastic show. You've mentioned working from home a lot, but I must have missed a post where you addressed it: did you leave your job at the university after Sadie was born? Good luck with the move!


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