Gingerbread Houses and Matching Jammies

December 14, 2015

This past weekend we got together with our good friends John and Ali and their two little ones. They live a few hours away so we don't get to see them as often as we like, which is a shame because the kids LOVED hanging out together!

Seriously love these kiddos! Ali and I have been plotting to get a matching jammie pic....which our husbands thought was ridiculous, I'm sure. But how cute are they???? This was one of the only ones that didn't turn out blurry! These four were too busy laughing, wrestling, and messing around to pose for a picture!

We brought gingerbread house kits for the boys to decorate....and it was a BIG hit! I was worried more candy would end up in their bellies than on the houses, but the boys were so good and only ate a few pieces. They had so much fun was adorable. But in true three year old form, they tired out after about a half an hour, which meant that the dads had to take over.

It turned in to a little bit of a competition....and I'm sad to say my husband lost. If you knew these two you wouldn't be surprised.

But look how cute it turned out! The gingerbread house kits (from Costco!) came with some candy but I also brought a few extra bags just in case....and we totally used it all.

I did this side! The whole time I tried to get Hudson to make a wreath out of the holly and berries, but he didn't go for it. Thankfully I got my chance when he was done! Hudson did the roof and my husband did that left side. Not too shabby!

We had such a fun weekend! Christmas with kids is seriously the best.

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11 Responses to “Gingerbread Houses and Matching Jammies”

  1. Matching jammies are soooooo cute, the kids look so precious!

    And the gingerbread house is so cute.

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend. I am so glad you were able to go for a visit. The kids are just too cute in their matching jams and the ginger bread houses was a great idea…..for the dads!!!

  3. From your snaps, John appeared to be having an absolute blast! Loved it!

  4. Cute, cute! Love your gingerbread house! Emerson did one the other night, but I didn't have a change to decorate any of the house. Maybe we'll have to get another kit so we can do another one :)

  5. such a cuties!! I love Christmas Pj's and those Gingerbread houses looks so cute

  6. How fun!! I love the matching jammies!!

  7. We got the same kits and my husband made the wreath the same way! And I love the photo of the husbands very seriously at work!

  8. Love those precious jams! I bought them for Caleb and Vivi to wear next year:) This year, Viv has been rocking all of Caleb's first Christmas jammies, and I am loving seeing them all over again. Also loving how the husbands got so into the gingerbread house making. So cute!

  9. The gingerbread house never come with enough candy! Ive made a mental note for next year haha. Darling jammies! Are the Hanna Andersson?

  10. Sounds like such a fun weekend!! Don't you hate when good friends live far away? Such a bummer but so fun that you guys got to hang out this weekend! The kids look adorable in their matching jammies!

  11. That kit was amazing and the best $10 I spent this year! So easy and fun. And those matching jammies? I die.


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