Tried & True Favorites with Baby #2

November 5, 2015

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When it comes to baby products, this ain't my first rodeo. Two babies in less than three years means I've tried a bunch of products.....but there are only a few items that I keep coming back to. (Keep reading for a $50 Target gift card giveaway!)

Baby Favorites

I didn't have this Covered Goods Nursing Cover with my first baby...but I sure wish I did. This cover is super soft, breathable, and doubles as a car seat cover, shopping cart cover, and scarf. We use it every day. I'm also a big fan of baby wearing. I used a different wrap with Hudson, which I liked, but once you go Solly you'll never go back. It's light weight, easy to use, and Sadie loves it. I wouldn't be able to get anything done around the house without this wrap.

Hudson uses his lady bug night light every night and loves it so much. It projects red, blue, or green stars on to the ceiling and is a must have in our naturally we picked up the pink version for Sadie. We also have loved using this baby monitor. We used it with Hudson and now have another one for Sadie. I highly recommend the one that allows you to move the camera around remotely. And we are big time fans of the sound machine over here. I've tried a few and this one is by far my favorite and the easiest to use. And we love these sleep sacks. Just like her big brother, Sadie loves to be swaddled with her arms out...and these sacks keeps her warm now that that it's getting almost winter.

This hungry hungry caterpillar was Hudson's favorite toy....and Sadie adores it now too. It's now my go-to baby gift. We love it that much. And we play with this musical turtle basically every day. Fair warning: your big kid will love it too. Hudson plays with it just as much as Sadie. Hudson also LOVED his Sophie the Giraffe when he was little....and Sadie adores her too. It's pricy but both my kids have loved it, so totally worth it. And these chew sticks are another round 2 favorite.

And I know I've talked about this before, but this breast pump is the best. I still sort of hate it, but it makes pumping a lot easier. This high chair is super easy to use and clean. We plop Sadie in it during our dinner time so she can hang (literally) with us. She thinks she's hot stuff.

Both my kids have gone bananas over this jumperoo. It's a total LIFESAVER when I need to get something accomplished and have a wiggly babe. I remember searching around for the least obnoxious one I could find. Newsflash, that doesn't exist. And when it comes to jumperoos, the more obnoxious the better. But this one isn't too bad and since both my kids love it, I'll take it. Anything to buy me just 5 minutes to myself. 

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Let's take a moment and talk about diaper rash. With Hudson, I tested out a ton of products....but always kept coming back to Desitin. So with baby #2, I knew right away to not mess around and go straight to the good stuff. Thankfully Sadie hasn't really had too much trouble with diaper rash because I've become a pro at recognizing the early symptoms. At even the slightest redness I slather her up with Desitin and it does WONDERS for preventing any rash from occurring. Her little booty is clear and this little lady is happy.

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See what I mean? No diaper rash here!

We use Desitin Max Strength because it is formulated with zinc oxide and immediately forms a protective barrier to help heal and soothe diaper rash discomfort. It provides overnight relief for Sadie's tender skin and there’s no stronger treatment available without a prescription. I told you I'm not messing around! 

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Diaper rash is one of the most common skin conditions in the United States and most children experience it at some time during the first three years of life. To learn more about diaper rash, visit the Desitin website

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12 Responses to “Tried & True Favorites with Baby #2”

  1. I always buy a Sophie for a friend when they have their first baby. She is super cute and I always get RAVE reviews and thank yous from the mama friend. I love to buy fun outfits, but also like to add in something that is useful!

  2. Experience wins out all the time, doesn't it? The more experience you have, the more things you find working for you the second time around! Glad you have such a great list of awesome things that have worked for you guys!

  3. I think we have 99% of these. The turtle, E loves it and must have it on her lap at all times. And Sophie.... well it was my baby gift from Pinky and we do not leave home without it.

  4. We had that same Jumparoo too and loved it! Thankfully Noah didn't get diaper rash badly. Only one time really when he had diarrhea (sorry TMI)! I was shocked he didn't get it more since he and I have sensitive skin otherwise!

  5. I haven't ever tested out a jumparoo on my own kids, but loved them when I nannyed. Seriously, the ability to put them down for a few minutes to get something done would be so awesome! We have such sensitive skin over here! The highest zinc oxide content I have learned is the only way to go! Thank you again for featuring me on Breastfeeding Diaries!

    Annie- All Things Big And Small

  6. All great products!! We are in a constant diaper rash struggle lately.. Teething is ROUGH on our little girl. :(

  7. We are Desitin believers too! I also love putting coconut oil mixed with lavender oil on her bottom before the Desitin. Works like a charm!

  8. My daughter is due in March, at which time her now "baby" will be 15 months old. She realizes that a carrier of some sort will be critical and is trying to decide which one to get. Is the Solly one that a person can do when they are home by themselves, or does it take 2 people?

  9. My daughter is due in March, at which time her now "baby" will be 15 months old. She realizes that a carrier of some sort will be critical and is trying to decide which one to get. Is the Solly one that a person can do when they are home by themselves, or does it take 2 people?

  10. So many of your items are my tried and true products as well! I will definitely be going back to them with baby #2. Great list!

  11. All great products! I have a lot of these for baby #2. Some I didn't have with Scarlett and I'm really excited that they're available (or that I know about them) this time around! I feel like there was so much I didn't know about the first time around (before I was a blogger).


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