Friday Five

November 13, 2015

Yay for Friday! This week kind of kicked my booty.

{one} This little lady decided that sleep is for the birds. She's up 4-6 times at night. Yes. Bless her. Also pray for me.

{two} In other news, I started drinking coffee. See above as to why.

{three} I took a little "me time" this week and got a
much needed haircut. Only problem? It's WAY shorter than I had planned. My stylist is on maternity leave so I saw a new girl....which meant I had to actually describe what I wanted instead of my usual "just do whatever you think will look best" now I have short to me hair (it's all hair's still kind of long I guess). I'm getting used to it. And trying to figure out what to do with the hairs at the back of my neck that no longer fit up in my messy top bun. #momhairproblems

{four} I've mentioned this before in passing, but I quit my full time, cushy salary, benefits plus action days job to stay home with Hudson and Sadie and work part time from home for Weave Made Media. And to, you know, blog. Turns out a lot of you are curious about my working I promise to write a post on it. But in the meantime, be prepared for some sponsored posts coming your way next week. I apologize...but as always, I never write about something I can't stand behind. And the posts are DARN GOOD ONES. I promise. And I've worked my booty off taking nice quality photos and really trying to make the posts "me". So I appreciate in advance you reading, commenting, and CLICKING on them. Because you guys are the best. Seriously. There's also some giveaways coming too. All that to say PLEASE KEEP READING AND KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU ALL.

{five} Speaking of giveaways.....I'm giving away $50 to spend at my favorite place TARGET! Be sure to enter HERE. Because we all need a little a lot of Target in our lives. 

Have a great weekend my friends!

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife.

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17 Responses to “Friday Five”

  1. Awww, she's so cute. I hope she gets back on the sleep train for ya!

  2. Love the short hair!! And Bobby pins are the answer to those short hair straggler top knot problems ;)

  3. Hope Sadie gets back to sleeping ASAP because that's hard on everyone. Thank heavens for coffee and thank heavens that she's the cutest little thing ever!! Your hair looks gorgeous, but I can totally relate to ending up with a cut you didn't intend to. My hair is just now top knot ready after MONTHS of letting my hair grow. Hope those short hairs grow out quickly. Have a great weekend!!

  4. I love your hair, but I feel ya on pieces that won't go in an elastic!! I have about 100 bobby pins randomly spread throughout our house because of this. Oops! These babies and their sleep!! I hope she learns how much you need it. ;) In the meantime, enjoy some hot coffee!

  5. Stopping by from the link up..
    What an adorable little girl! And I love your boots and sunglasses!

  6. I think your hair looks great but I know the feeling of trying to communicate what you want and not quite connecting with a stylist, especially your regular. Hope you have a great weeekend!

  7. Our sleep situation is so similar, so I feel ya! And I just wanted to say that I appreciative how open & honest you are about your sponsored content, as well as how much effort you still put into those posts. I'm so happy it all allows you to stay home with your babies.

  8. Sleep Sadie sleep! I hope it's a quick phase!

  9. Prayers for a sleeping baby soon!! & im excited to hear about your working gig! I just started working from home & it's been an adjustment. Just trying to figure out when & how to do stuff without neglecting Jack & feeling like I'm putting out quality work. & your hair... I know the feeling bc I had to do the same thing this last time! & I got bangs & well... I just don't feel like it's what my reg girl would do! It will grow back though & it's still gorgeous!!

  10. I really hope that sweet baby girl gives you a full night sleep tonight! Your hair looks beautiful!

  11. Oh I do not miss those days of frequent wake ups, but I do remember them well! Hopefully it's a short phase! And even though I can relate to getting a hair cut shorter than you expected, it looks super cute!!!

  12. I think your hair looks stunning! And yay for new job and work from home - can't wait to hear all about it!!

  13. Mabel doesn't sleep either. So, i feel you lol.

    And good for you and your blog!! I think it's awesome when women can make it a great source of income. Go for it!

    1. I meant to add- from their blogs. But any source of income is fun too :p

  14. Hope you get some rest soon. I don't miss those days but I do miss my babies being little!


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