Christmas Countdown and Serving Others

November 19, 2015

I'm so excited for this Christmas. Now that we have two little ones, everything is just so magical and exciting. Hudson really is starting to understand Christmas more and more this year, so I'm determined to show him how amazing it can be! I want us to celebrate the season...not just one special day. To help with this, I've created a countdown to Christmas list for our family and I can't wait to get started! I need to get our Advent calendar made so that I can write each activity on a card for Hudson to open each day. Instead of planning each activity for the month in advance I'm going to pick from this list each day so that each activity will fit our schedule as we go. There's nothing worse than suddenly getting to "bake Christmas cookies" and being unprepared! (read on for a giveaway at the end!)

So here's our 2015 Christmas Countdown

- Make an outdoor wreath with food for the birds
- Drive around in our pajamas and look at Christmas lights
- Make Christmas cookies
- Decorate an ornament
- Make homemade Christmas cards for the assisted living center
- Set up the Christmas village
- Read Christmas books
- Set up the nativity and talk about it's meaning
- Write a letter to Santa
- Have a snowball fight
- Visit Santa's reindeer
- Purchase items for the family my mom's group is sponsoring
- Make cinnamon rolls.
- Decorate a gingerbread house
- Have a "Silent Night" - no TV, computer, or phone
- Go Christmas shopping
- Visit Santa
- Make a craft out of handprints/footprints (still searching for the perfect one!)
- Watch The Polar Express
- Build a snowman in the front yard
- Sing Christmas carols
- Give a toy to a child in need
- Have a birthday party for Jesus
- Attend Christmas Eve service
- Open presents!

This year we are a little ahead of the game thanks to a trip to Hallmark Gold Crown Stores. Hallmark isn't just greeting cards...they have some of the cutest holiday gifts! The kids picked out some toys to donate to a child in need and they are so excited! Hudson LOVES his Jingle puppy and was so excited to pick out a Jingle and Bell to give away.

I love that this little trip to Hallmark helps make our holiday more meaningful and memorable. I want to teach Hudson and Sadie to grow up in a home where serving others is the norm. I want them to see the value in putting someone else's needs above their own. And even though they are 3 and 5 months, it's something we can start now and make it a tradition.

I know a little child out there will be thrilled to receive these toys. Aren't they the cutest? Sadie loved her Bell so much that we had to buy another one for her to keep. 

Want to make someone's Christmas merry and bright? You can find these adorable toys at your local Hallmark

Also, gift alert! While I was shopping I discovered that Hallmark makes some great artisan soaps, teas, and candles that would make an excellent hostess gift, if you are on the hunt!

Want to win a $50 gift card to Hallmark? Enter below! 
Official giveaway rules here.

And be sure to check out our video of our experience at Hallmark Gold Crown Stores too!

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8 Responses to “Christmas Countdown and Serving Others”

  1. What a great Christmas list!

  2. Love the list, but whew makes me tired. Love teaching them the true meaning of Christmas.

  3. I love this list!! I am making ours now, so I am definitely borrowing a few ideas! I am trying to make it more about other, memories, etc...instead of gifts and STUFF he doesn't need. I hope you have such a fun Christmas season - this is the best age!!!

  4. Love your list! We're doing a similar list of things in our advent calendar! This makes me so excited for December to get here! I couldn't get your video to work, though.

  5. The Silent Night is a great idea!!! I cant wait to see what hand/foot print art you make- Im torn between angels and reindeer.

  6. I love this list! I wish we could add snowball fight to our list! :)

  7. Great list - love the bird feeder wreath! I was just getting my list together yesterday, but I too need to pick which activity goes with each day on the fly. Picking a specific day is much too stressful ha

  8. What a great list! I just love all of the festivities this time of year! Mason and I saw the most amazing Nativity when we were out of town last weekend. I loved sitting with him and talking about the nativity. Special moments!!


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