Sharing is Caring

October 23, 2015

 photo FullSizeRender-2_1.jpgYesterday the lighting in our bedroom was on I decided to snap some photos of my favorite little lady. I can't get over those big baby blues. When this girl's red hair comes in she is going to be a unstoppable. I know I'm biased...but I can't resist. She's the most gorgeous girl on the planet. 

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Of course big brother wanted in on the action exchange for some jelly beans. I got one kiss out of him and then all he wanted to do was jump and bounce around. But Sadie just rolled with the punches....literally, she put up with little accidental punches from Hudson...and just laughed and laughed at everything he did. She thinks he hung the moon. 

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And then she pulled him in for a slobbery kiss. That's my girl. She just loves him so much....and he tolerates her. 

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Later they were "playing" together on the floor. And by playing I mean Hudson was admittedly "NOT SHARING" his toys with baby sister. He kept getting upset when she would swipe one and slobber all over it. And I get it. But get used to it boy....she's going to be stealing your stuff for the rest of your life. I never had a sibling to steal stuff from or play all this sibling rivalry? I say BRING IT ON. These two have got a good thing going. 

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9 Responses to “Sharing is Caring”

  1. Awwwww, so sweet. Love these pictures.

  2. Those photos are so sweet Julie!!

  3. I love how your kids are such a great blend of you and your husband. So super super sweet! And yeah, I'm all about Abigail having to get over sharing with sister. Like. Girl. This is the greatest thing ever ever. You can share :p

  4. My 4.5 year old will NOT play with a toy if theres "baby slob" on it ;)

  5. Oh the joys of sharing! I had no clue you were an only child! I love hearing how grown up only children felt since my son is going to be one.

  6. Love this - and am so familiar with the sharing thing right now. Boy, am I. Caleb keeps taking all of Vivian's BABY toys (teething rings, etc) and saying "Mine!" Definitely something we are working on. Although he isn't the best sharer, and is always accidentally bopping her around, he is also fiercely protective of her, and she just adores him. Love watching the love grow between them, as I know you do too, mama!

  7. Great post dear! Have a wonderful weekend:)


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