Hey Friday

October 2, 2015

So happy to see Friday come around! This little lady and her brother have been conspiring against me in the sleep department this week, so I'm looking forward to a little down time......oh but wait, I have to pack up my house this weekend instead. Yay me.

Thank you all for your sweet comments on our new house news!  It turns out a lot of you want all the details (yay!) so I'll be spilling them for you as we go. Yesterday we made a trip over to the house and the first floor was totally framed! Some rooms felt big and some felt smaller than we thought...which we were told is normally what happens during this stage. So fingers crossed it all feels right once the walls are really up. There have been a lot of sleepless nights already over this house, so I'm praying it all turns out how we pictured! We've been calling it "the land" for forever and every night Hudson begs to "go to the wand please mommy?" He was totally digging this big digger.

Hudson is still all over the place with his Halloween costume requests. This week he decided he wanted to be Captain America. He has never seen any of the movies or toys but Captain America and his gang of friends are on his tooth brush and tooth paste and he's obsessed. We'll see who he wants to be next week. Hudson was pretty excited about his "spooky bat bag" our friends at Peekawho sent him! Sadie got a pumpkin one and both kids have their name embroidered on them....love it! You can see them on Peekawho's site here. Use code "BOOREDSHOES" for 10% off trick or treat bags.

Does anyone use Huggies Reward points? I've been collecting them since Hudson wMore details here.

as little and keep cashing them in for Gap/Old Navy gift cards! For the next two days they are doubling the value of rewards points...so don't miss out!

Have a great weekend my friends!

Oh Hey Friday with September Farm and The Farmer's Wife.

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13 Responses to “Hey Friday”

  1. I'm so happy for Friday, too! Congrats again on the house :)! HapHappy Friday, beautiful!py Friday, beautiful!

  2. I even felt some rooms felt smaller once we did the walk through in the empty house... It's weird how furniture can actually make a room seem bigger sometimes. So I can only imagine how it would be when you just see framed rooms! Can't wait to see all the details as the process continues! Have fun packing and hopefully you can get some rest too!

  3. Congrats again and good luck this weekend with the move.

  4. Congrats on your new house! Exciting stuff! I always see Huggies rewards info on our wipes but never looked into it. I didn't know you could trade them for Gap gift cards. Thanks for the info!

  5. Hooray for Friday, indeed! :) When we built a house growing up, my sister and I LOVED going to 'the land' and playing in the rocks and dirt. Love that picture of Hudson on the machine :)

  6. Hudson on heavy machinery - it's a good look for him.

  7. I feel ya' on the no-sleep thing - my son has been out to get me this entire week. No amount of under eye concealer can hide these under-eye bags. Love your blog!

    xoxo, kealey


  8. Ah, Cam LOVES all super heroes right now, but he never watches them and doesn't have any figurines. I have no idea where the obsession came from; I blame it on school. ;) Have a great weekend!

  9. Hooray for Friday! I'm so excited to see and hear more about your new home! Hope the packing goes well :)

  10. I missed yesterdays post about the house but cant wait to read!! I can't decide what I want Jack to be for Halloween! Something simple for sure!! Whatever Hudson decides on will be super cute!!

  11. Stopping by from the Friday Favorites link up! Your kiddos are so stinkin sweet! I'm loving your blog already! Have a great weekend :)


  12. My little boy is being Captain America :)

  13. So excited for your family! Sorry it took me so long to comment! I always end up reading my blogs on my iPhone when I am nursing at night (when the 2 yr old is asleep!) I have to get my daughter her Halloween costume asap although she is set on being a princess and I am not sure I can start that yet.

    Annie- All Things Big and Small


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