Halloween Jammies

October 27, 2015

Nothing says the holidays like festive pajamas, am I right? Except Sadie doesn't have any Halloween pjs this year.....oops.

She'll have to settle for a Halloween onesie. Shhh....don't tell.

Actually, Hudson wouldn't have any Halloween jams either if it wasn't for some sweet friends sending him a pair. Packing up my entire house and moving really threw me for a holiday pj loop. And yes, he insisted on boots and gloves for the photo. #threenager

 Hudson is straight up obsessed with his "spooky jammies". And they glow in the dark. Basically his life has been made.

Aren't holiday jammies the best? I seriously can't wait for Christmas jams!

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14 Responses to “Halloween Jammies”

  1. Awwww, your littles are soooo cute.

  2. Evie has no Halloween pj's either just onesies!

  3. My baby girl has the same onesie! They look adorable and I love the boots! ;)

  4. Jack doesn't have Halloween pajamas either! But, he's got a couple of fun shirts so, that does the trick! HA! See what I did there & didn't even mean to!? But, also He's 8 1/2 months & in 12 month pajamas and since He'll be 11 months come Christmas, He's wearing Christmas pajamas now! HAHA! I AM buying bigger Christmas pj's though because those are a must!!

    1. And I love that Hudson's PJ's are glow in the dark!! How fun!!

  5. those kds are so CUTE!!! and look adorable in theirs Halloween Pajamas!! http://upanddowninvenezuela.blogspot.com/

  6. Cuties!! I've got to get a picture of O in his jammies!

  7. Glad he likes them! I knew they were for him when I saw them. :) Miss you guys!

  8. Oh man! I'm right there with you. I love the holiday jammies. My daughter was so mad at me that i didn't get her Halloween pjs I had to get find some this past weekend. I'm also on the hunt for cute Christmas pjs :)

  9. Love it! Noah always wants to wear his rain boots too! And I took out his winter accessories the other day and I found him walking around with mittens on and a hat he outgrew! These kids! And I'm embarrassed to say I've already bought way too many Christmas pjs and I want more!!!

  10. Everything is pajamas for baby! At least for #2. If it's clean, Finn can sleep in whatever, go out in whatever...

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  12. Glow in the dark jammies are the bomb! Cam likes to wear them all year. :) Sadie looks adorable enough in her onesie and bow. ;)

  13. Love love love!!! I totally failed at Halloween jammies this year. UGH. I'm hoping maybe I can find some of Mac's old jams for Mim to wear and stuff him in his front last year, but we'll have to see. I might just call it a day and move on to the next holiday.


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