The Breastfeeding Diaries: Britanie from My Circus, My Monkeys

September 16, 2015

Hi Mamas! My name is Britanie, and I blog over at My Circus, My Monkeys.

I've been a blog reader for years and years, but only recently started my own blogging journey! Like many other Stay-at-Home-Mamas, I found myself needing an outlet to connect with other people walking the same life path as myself. I am so happy with my decision to start blogging, and I love being able to share thoughts, glimpses of my life, and some of my favourite recipes with my friends and readers!

I am a step-mama to two boys; one who is already grown and living on his own, the other is the sweetest 8 year old I have ever met, and then there is our 17 month old wild child!

I knew I wanted to breastfeed long before I ever became a mom. I have always admired breastfeeding mother's and I couldn't wait to experience a nursing relationship of my own! As soon as we became pregnant, I began actively researching and reading all about breastfeeding! I was so excited, and desperately wanted to be successful. It was at this time that I stumbled upon Julie's Breastfeeding Diaries Series; and I swear,  I read every one of your stories! I was so encouraged and loved reading about all the successes and struggles that mom's overcame.

I was fortunate enough to have the fast, natural delivery I had dreamed of - and naively expected Grayson to latch right away. Well let me tell you, that did not happen. Despite my research. My preparedness. My excitement.  He just did not latch. I had a nurse who didn't have the patience (or education?) to help me, and gave me a (improperly fitted) nipple shield and said "here ya go!" He was eating at least, so I didn't stress too much about it. And can you blame me? I hadn't slept in days, I was exhausted, emotional, and just wanted to snuggle and nurse my tiny human. Since baby was feeding fine with the nipple shield, I was sent home two days after I had him. But get this, I couldn't bring the nipple shield home with me. I had to turn it over to the nurse so they could clean it and another mother could use it.

Yep. That's right. They took away the one thing that was allowing my baby to get any milk! But they assured me I could just go buy one at Wal-Mart (wrong). I was so upset and just sat at home and cried. My mother marched back up to the hospital, and demanded that they give her a nipple shield for me. They did, but I knew I needed to contact an IBCLC immediately; and I hooked up with one the next day! 

Her advice and help was invaluable, and I was so grateful that I contacted her. Within a matter of weeks, and several sessions with her, we were off the nipple shield, and breastfeeding away! She helped me deal with Grayson's poor latch (which caused a ton of pain while feeding), my abundance/oversupply of milk, and she gave me the confidence to continue on with my breastfeeding relationship!

I knew that I would do whatever it took to be successful in breastfeeding, and for me this meant no bottles, no pacifiers, co-sleeping, and limited time away from my babe so I could always nurse him on demand. I am so passionate about breastfeeding, and encouraging other Mom's to fulfill their breastfeeding wishes. The special bond that breastfeeding creates between a mother and child truly lays the groundwork for your path as a mother, in my opinion. It is such a natural thing, but it doesn't always come naturally and it can be so discouraging! 

I am so happy that I persevered, and was able to overcome the obstacles thrown my way!

I am still happily nursing my 17 month old spit fire, and I can't imagine us stopping anytime soon. I love seeing the smile on his face when I offer him milk, and though our nursing relationship has evolved from the beginning, I truly believe it is still something we both enjoy and need. 

If I had any piece of advice to offer Mom's who want to breastfeed - it would be to establish your support system before your baby is born, and to contact a Lactation Consultant in the early days of nursing. Even if you feel like you aren't struggling, you could likely benefit from seeing one.

  You can read all about my other Tips for Breastfeeding Success here. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing your story. It is so disappointing when nurses fail to provide adequate assistance and support for new mothers as they learn to breastfeed. All new mothers should be encouraged to seek assistance from a lactation consultant or La Leche for when difficulty arises with breastfeeding. I am happy you had a successful breastfeeding experience.


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