Hudson's Construction Truck Party

September 22, 2015

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Over the weekend we kept the 3rd birthday celebration going by throwing Hudson a little party, construction truck style. 

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Best theme ever. We had lots of trucks to use as decorations and my truck loving boy was in heaven!

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See what I mean?

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We had the party at a local park and splash was WAY too cold for the splash pad, but the kids had a blast at the park! And it was a little too windy to put up the birthday naturally I had to re-create a few of the photos above for you. #bloggerlife

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For the favors, each kid got a little truck and some candy....yes, we had trucks everywhere. 

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The favors turned out so cute and were a BIG hit with the kids! Even the girls loved them! And the birthday boy might have wanted to keep them all.

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My mom and I made cupcakes and topped them with crushed oreos to look like dirt. I decorated the tables with all of Hudson's trucks...which of course ended up being played with by all the kids. Such a fun and easy party!

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We didn't tell Hudson about his party, so when my in-laws arrived with him he was so surprised! He couldn't believe it was all for him. It was such a fun day celebrating our big boy! And afterward, mama was tired. Not going to lie...having the party at a park and coming home to a clean house was kind of amazing. 

Construction Party Printables

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18 Responses to “Hudson's Construction Truck Party”

  1. Precious!!! Love the cupcakes!!!

  2. This is so dang cute! How perfectly boy! :) Looks like Hudson loved it.

  3. What a fabulous party!!!! Love all the fun touches and LOVE your new look!

  4. aw I love that you didn't tell him about it so it was a surprise!

  5. What a fun theme, and you did an amazing job with everything!!! We have had Cam's last two parties not-at-home, and it's amazing. It's kind of a hassle to lug everything, but not having to clean is worth it!! GREAT JOB!

  6. Such a fun and perfect theme for Hudson! And an even more fun and perfect location for mom & dad who get to come home to a clean house ;) so happy everyone had a fun time!

  7. What a fun theme!!!! He seriously looks SO happy to see all his trucks at his party! And those cupcakes look (and sound!) delicious. You can never go wrong with smashed oreos on top!

  8. Looks like an awesome party! Totally pinning this birthday idea!

  9. Great party! I love the theme and the fact that you were able to use his toys in the decor. I'm all about simple parties for kids!

  10. This seemed like a great party!! We're just now thinking of a theme for Rae's 3rd and with two babes now I need something simple and fun like this!!

  11. Such a cute theme! Ethan would be in hog (truck!) heaven!!

  12. I love that it was a surprise for him! Sounds like the perfect 3 year old birthday!

  13. What a super cute party! And those cupcakes look amazing. Adding Oreos to anything is an excellent idea. :)

  14. So fun! We are doing the same theme for my son's 3rd birthday party and I can't wait! Everything looked great!

  15. I love this theme idea!!! So awesome for a little boy! & sweet y'all kept it a secret & he was so surprised!!

  16. Adorable!!! It turned out so cute and he looks so happy! What a big boy!!


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